Gracefield Yard

On 9 November 2002 work had started on lifting most of the Gracefield yard. This page documents the Gracefield yard in those final days. Gracefield closed in April 2002.

The National Archives holds copies of Gracefield/Seaview Lists of Private Siding Rights for 1970, 1974 and 1980.I have not yet determined the location of these sidings or identified those that remain today.

The Gracefield Industrial Line is documented in my Hutt Park Trains page. See also my Gracefield Signalling History page.


The photographs are displayed in a sequence from Hutt Park Road to Seaview Road. The photograph numbers correspond with those in the diagram.

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1. Hutt Park Road is on the left. The main line (not visible) is just in front of the camera. The road entrance is behind the sign. Gracefield yard is on the right.The signal is 8R Shunt (Low Speed Across Hutt Park Road).    (43/4 )

2. Until 1996 there were two tracks across Hutt Park Road. Shunt signals 6R & 8R controlled Up trains leaving the yard for Woburn. See my Gracefield Signalling History page.   (43/3 )

3. Looking south-west along the Loop towards Seaview. The Train Road is on the right. The track names may have made more sense prior to track rearrangements in 1996.    (44/1)

4. The remains of the Ford Motor Co. siding is in the foreground. Just visible is a short length of track which at one time crossed the Ford siding with a diamond crossing. The crossing is shown in a 1996 s&i diagram. Did the siding serve the loading bank?    (44/3)

5. A view across the yard to the office building - long a Hutt Park Road landmark. Looking north.    (43/2 )

6. Looking west showing the yard and the loading shelter. Photo taken fron the same spot as no. 5.   (43/1 )

7. From the left - Loop, Train Road & No. 1 Road. Looking south-west. The 40 foot container (center right) is resting on the loading bank. The siding running to the right off the No. 1 Road passes the loading bank on the near (road) side.    (44/4)

8. The rail face of the loading bank. Looking south.    (44/22)

9. The turnout leading from the Loop to private sidings. Beyond is the turnout from the Loop to the Spare Road and the Delivery Road.  (44/5 )

10.Track lifting in progress. Looking south.   (44/6)

11. Lifted set of points. In the background are WW2 vintage sheds. There were once many of these sheds in the Gracefield area, particularly north of Barnes Street.    (44/7)

12. The sleepers have been recovered.   (44/21 )

13. Looking along the No. 1 Road to 26/27 crossover. THe tank wagons have been stored here for many months or even years. When I visited Gracefield a week later the wagons had been moved to the Exchange sidings at Seaview.   (44/8 )

14. The loading shelter and stored wagons. The track on the far right, leading under the containers, is the Caltex siding.   (44/9 )

15. The Caltex siding. Looking West.    (44/10 )

16. Stored wagons in the Delivery Road. Looking south.   (44/12 )

17. The loading shelter and stored wagons. Looking south west. The wagon on the right can be seen in photo 21.   (44/11 )

18. The road side of the loading shelter. Looking south.   (44/18 )

19. Inside the loading shelter.    (44/20 )

20. Another view inside the loading shelter. This photo was taken a week after No. 19 and the wagons have been moved.    (43/14 )

21. See photo 17 for another view of this wagon.    (44/13 )

22. Looking along the Train Road towards Seaview. The turnout (lower left) leads to the Loop.   (44/15 )

23. Looking north-east to Shelter Road 1 and Shelter Road 2.    (44/16 )

24. Gracefield yard looking north-east. Seaview Road and the Seaview sidings are behind the camera. From the right, Train Road, No 1 Road, No. 2 Road and No. 3 Road.   (42/15)

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