Upper Hutt History - Research Notes

Download research notes into various aspects of Upper Hutt history.

Early settler the Hon H W Petre, millwright James Duff Cruickshank, an 1855 water tunnel, gullible London investors and the Haukaretu Block are some of the subjects investigated.

Water tunnel entrance

(Above) Entrance to extant 1855 water tunnel.


Learn about a shady lawyer and gullible investors in London.

May Morn Estates research notes.

The archeology on Cruickshank's Saddle dates back to 1855. Learn about the Hon HW Petre, who arrived in Wellington on the Oriental in 1840, and millwright James Duff Cruickshank.

Cruickshank's Saddle - Research Notes

I have traced land owned by HW Petre and James Duff Cruickshank in the Upper Hutt back to 1839 and the New Zealand Company.

Cruickshank's Saddle & Surrounding Area - Land Ownership

The Haukaretu Block (also known as section 175 Hutt) was not Maori land yet it is a story of hearings before the Native Land Court, obstructing surveyors, removing pegs, land partition and assaults on a land owner.

Haukaretu Block - Research Notes

May Morn Estates (NZ) Ltd issued the Maymorn township rules for purchasers of land in its settlement.

Maymorn Township Rules

The land history of Omaha Grove Totara Park. The land was part of section 176 Hutt. I have traced the European ownership back to the New Zealand Company in 1839.

To be written.

I have partially researched the Township of Melbaville. Maybe one day I will complete the research and write some notes.

Research to be completed and notes written.

Many decades ago I lived in what had been the Township of Bentinck. I have not done any research but one day may do so.

To be researched.

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