Up Trains To Trentham On Race Days

This page is a record of Up trains between Heretaunga and Upper Hutt on Trentham race days. This page was written before control of Trentham was transferred to Train Control. On race days Trentham was switched in; otherwise Trentham was controlled from Upper Hutt.

In 2007 control of Trentham was tranferred to Train Control and the signals renumbered. However the principles for up trains remain the same.

My original intention was to record activity on Wellington Cup Day (26 January 2002). However, in order to get a reasonable selection of photographs I enlarged the scope to include two other race meetings in 2001. In addition, several of the photographs were not taken on a race day. This page is therefore a generic record of race day activity in 2001/2002.

Automatic stop & proceed signal 2786, the "distant" signal for Trentham 29 Up Home.

It is difficult to photograph 2786 showing Yellow over Green (approach medium speed) when up trains are signalled into the loop at Trentham. Trentham 29 Up Home is approach cleared to avoid delays to vehicles on the Sutherland Avenue crossing while trains are stopped at Heretaunga Station.

The Heretaunga platform can be seen just beyond the curve.

Waiting at Trentham 29 Up Home, which has just changed from Red over Red to Red over Green. The approaching (down) Ganz EMU has departed from the Racecourse Platform and cleared 19 points, allowing the Up train to be signalled over 19 crossover into the loop.

Note the "CTC Begins" sign. From Wellington to signal 29 Double Line Automatic Signalling (DLAS) has been in use.

Just beyond the signal is the Sutherland Avenue crossing.

On the left the Up Main; on the right the Down Main.

Race patrons disembark at the Racecourse Platform from the Ganz EMU which displays Telecom advertising.

The northern end of the Racecourse Platform, looking towards Upper Hutt. On the left is 23A Up Departure from Main and on the right 23BC Up Departure from loop. Beyond are 13 points.

On the left the Main; on the right the Loop.

Signal 23BC Departure From Loop. The number 24 on the post refers to a low-speed light which has been removed.

This signal is an example of two signals having the same number. 23A Up Departure From Main is a single unit signal.

This is also an example of a double unit signal controlling exit from a loop. See pp 126 - 128 in Semaphore To CTC by RW Heine. Medium speed is indicated.

13 points are reversed.

A two car Ganz in the original yellow livery crosses from the Racecourse Platform to the single line. This was not Wellington Cup Day - on Cup day the EMUs are in six and eight car formations.

Departing from the Racecourse Platform over 13 crossover to the single line. On the right is the remains of the track leading to a once extensive network of sidings.

Signal 3116 at Wallaceville. Note the sighting board. At this point trains are travelling north-east. The signal is showing Yellow over Red because the next signal in advance, the Upper Hutt Up Home, is showing a low-speed light for a movement into the Suburban Platform.

Immediately beyond the signal is the Ward Street crossing and beyond that Wallaceville Station.

The rear of signal 3117 can be seen.

Signal 31 Up Home at Upper Hutt. On Wellington Cup day I photographed signal 31 with an illuminated low-speed light (consistant with the photograph on the left). Unfortunately the photograph was under-exposed so I have substituted this from another journey. The train is signalled into the Main Platform.

Just beyond the signal is the Blenheim Road crossing. On the right is the EMU storage yard - now fenced. The South Backshunt, which once crossed Blenheim Road, has been truncated.

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