Down Trains To Trentham On Race Days

This page is a record of Down trains between Upper Hutt and Trentham on race days. This page was written before control of Trentham was transferred to Train Control. On race days Trentham was switched in; otherwise Trentham was controlled from Upper Hutt.

In 2007 control of Trentham was tranferred to Train Control and the the signals renumbered. The down signal governing entry into the loop is now approach controlled.

My original intention was to record activity on Wellington Cup Day (26 January 2002). However, in order to get a reasonable selection of photographs I enlarged the scope to include two other race meetings in 2001. In addition, several of the photographs were not taken on a race day. This page is therefore a generic record of race day activity in 2001/2002.

Suburban trains departing from Upper Hutt can leave either from the Main (left) under the authority of 53 Down Starting From Main or from the Suburban Platform or Dock (right) under the control of 54 Shunt and Down Starting From Suburban Platform. Signal 54 is an example of a Colour Light shunting signal used as a starting signal.

Note the safety siding.

Immediately past the Upper Hutt trailing loop points is the Blenheim Road level crossing. The alignment of the lifted south backshunt can be seen on the road. On the right, just past the crossing, but not very visible in the scan are signals 52 Down Departure and 31 Up Home.

The overhead structures suggest that the backshunt was once electrified.

We have just passed Wallaceville Station and are about to cross Ward Street. Stop & Proceed signal 3117 is displaying Yellow over Green Prepare to Reduce To Medium Speed. This indicates that the train is signalled to enter the loop at Trentham. 3117 displays this indication only when Trentham is switched in.

Note the backsight for up signal 3116. At this point Up trains are travelling in a north-easterly direction.

On the straight between Wallaceville and Trentham. Express freight trains are restricted to 60kph because of insufficient signal spacing.

The Wallaceville Animal Research Centre is on the left and houses are on the right.

Note the width of the formation dating back to 1876.

Trentham signal 3 Down Home showing red over yellow - medium speed, next signal is at Stop.

The site of the Trentham yard is on the left. In 1947 there were eight sidings and a loop here.

The cars on the left belong to racecourse patrons and the Grandstand can just be seen.

13 points are set for the loop. The rear of 23BC Up Departure From Loop (left) and 23A Up Departure from Main (right) can be see at the end of the platforms.

On the left is the remains of the track leading to the once extensive sidings.

Entering the loop to berth at the Racecourse platform. The overbridge at the north end of Trentham station can be seen. The overbridge structure is made of bull head rail.

The Racecourse Platform is on the left. On the right is the Main Platform.

The rear of signal 23BC Up Departure From Loop can be seen.

Looking towards Upper Hutt from the overbridge at the north end of Trentham. A down EMU enters the loop. On race days both up and down trains use the Racecourse Platform (right). On the left (hard to see) is 23A Up Departure from Main. On the right is 23BC Up Departure From Loop.

The old low level Up platform is on the left.

Looking towards Wellington from the overbridge. A down EMU arrives at the Racecourse Platform.

Note the change in level of the main platform (right). The current station and higher platform were built in 1954. The old station was on the lower platform. A Line Of Railway, by W N Cameron has views of both buildings taken on the same day.

The racecourse is on the left, out of sight behind the vegetation.

A down train arrives at the Racecouse platform. On Wellington Cup day Chubb security staff were everyhere at Trentham. I suspect that the person with the yellow hi-viz jacket is from Tranz Metro.

The road between the platform and the racecourse entrance is just to the left of the fence.

The Station building, where the signal panel is located, is on the right.

Down train at Racecourse Platform. It is about 3 pm and the race meeting is underway so there are not yet many people returning home.

Signal 7 Down starting From Loop is at the end of the Racecourse platform. Note the temporary fencing erected on race day. Ahead is 19 crossover from the Up Main to the loop. This is used by up trains on race days.

On the right the sign on the post reads "SLOW 50 Through Turnout". It refers to 18 crossover (not visible) which is used by down trains on non-race days to go from the Main to the Down Main.

Signal 7 Down Starting From Loop is the only signal in the Hutt Valley fitted with a marker light rather than a reflectorised disk.

About to travel over 18 trap points. The points indicator is showing purple because the traps are closed. Beyond is 18 crossover and the Down Main. 18 crossover is the route normally taken by down trains (when Trentham is switched out).

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