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Most days of the year trains switch from the single to the double line at the south end of Trentham Station. The loop is not used.

This page documents the day-to-day operation of Trentham. Some race day photographs are included.

Where else can you stand on a bow-string bridge made of 1870s bull-head rail and watch trains and horse-races for free? (10 July 2004)

NZ Oaks/Girl's Day Out 18th March 2006

On 18th March 2006 Trentham was switched in for the NZOaks/Girl's Day Out meeting. A "Barrier" train was not berthed on the Main. Usually it is only on Wellington Cup Day that the trains are longer than two cars. However for this meeting some of the trains were six cars and seemed well filled. There was a special event on in Wellington which also required longer trains, although I cannot remember what that event was.

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This sign was located where the only people who could have seen it would have been the residents of a retirement home.

A six-car Wellington - Upper Hutt EMU crosses from the Up Main to the Loop.

Signal on the right is 8 Down Starting From Main.

Punters cross the track as an EMU from Wellington enters the Racecourse platform. Looking south. Note the original low-level platform. Chubb security staff are on duty.

A six-car Ganz EMU on an Up service has arrived at the Racecourse Platform. Note the Cityrail sign - a company that no longer exists. A "Barrier" train has not been used to stop punters crossing the tracks.

Points are reversed and 23 Up Departure From Loop is displaying Medium speed. The EMU behind the camera can depart for Upper Hutt.

EMU to Upper Hutt passes under the overbridge and through the turnout to the Main. It is departing from the Racecourse platform.

Racecourse Platform and beyond, beside the Main, the Trentham station building. Substantial sliding gates have been replaced by a hinged gate.

Its Not Cricket. Yes it is!. In the middle of the racecourse a game of cricket is in progress while a race meeting is held. In the foreground are retirement homes where once there were stables. Photo taken from overbridge

Trentham 14th March 2006

For approximately 360 days of the year Trentham remains switched out - the single to double line junction is controlled from the Upper Hutt panel. All trains use the main platform. These images were taken on the morning of one such day - 14th March 2006.

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An Upper Hutt to Wellington (down) EMU has just passed 3 Down Home signal. The grassed area was the location of the sidings.

A down EMU arrives at the main platform. The Racecourse platfom is on the right.

View of the station building and a down EMU taken from the Racecourse platform.

A down EMU crosses from the Main (bi-directional) to the Down Main. Note the points indicator. The loop is behind the camera.

Up and down EMUs pass near the start of the double line. The down train is running late - usually the trains pass between Silverstream and Manor Park.

A short 1607, Masterton - Wellington passenger, leans out from the curve as it takes the junction at 50kph.

A Wellington - Upper Hutt EMU is about to leave the Up main and enter the Main (bi-directional). The cross-over leads to the loop (behind the camera).

Substantial sliding gate on Racecourse platform has been replaced with a hinged gate. The racecourse grandstand is in the background.

Attractive station building circa 1954.

Trentham station building with new-style name board. In the background is 8 Down Starting From Main. The signal has been cleared for a down train.

As far as I know Trentham is the only unmanned station in the Hutt Valley that still has glass in the windows. View from car park.

Metlink Park & Ride sign at entrance to station car park, with grandstand in the background.

Miscellaneous Images

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This race meeting (a week before Wellington Cup) was not very well attended. Two-car sets were used and a "barrier" train was not stabled on the Main. Note the re-cycled Cityrail sign. (23 Jan 2006)

Trentham is a great location for wet weather photographs. The bow-string bridge, the signals, the mist and the rural Animal Research Centre land all add to the atmosphere. Looking towards Upper Hutt. (24 Jan 2005)

Another atmospheric scene, looking towards Heretaunga. The building is the Defence Force Headquarters - originally it was the Post Office Training Centre.

Signal on the right is 8 Down Starting From Main. (24 Jan 2005)

The weather is perfect for the Wellington Cup meeting. Punters stream across Racecourse Road from the Racecourse platform and also from the bow-string bridge (if they have arrived by car). (28 Jan 2006)

A special from Masterton for the Masterton Racing Club meeting is stabled on the main. Several passengers for the next down EMU are helped across the track to the Racecourse platform by Tranz Metro staff. ( 4 March 2006).

View of racecourse entrance from Racecourse platform. (14 March 2006)

An EMU from Wellington arrives at the Racecourse Platform on Wellington Cup Day 2006. A Chubb security person is on the platform. The "Barrier" train is on the right. (28 Jan 2006)

Passengers disembark at the Racecourse platform on Wellington Cup Day 2006. The "Barrier" train is on the right. The weather was perfect. (28 Jan 2006)

A trainload of containers move through the loop in an extremely rare movement. 633 Napier - Wellington freight is very late and the Main is blocked by a special from Masterton for the Masterton racing Club meeting. (4 March 2006)

On Wellington Cup day in 2005 an EMU waits at the Up Home signal as a down EMU crosses Sutherland Avenue. Note the CTC Ends sign. (29 Jan 2005)

Wooden fishplate in loop next to 7 Down Starting From Loop signal. (14 March 2006)

Masterton Racing Club meeting. The locomotives on special F07 from Masterton have run around on the Main and are setting back onto their train. (4 March 2006)

Masterton Racing Club meeting. Locomotives about to couple up to form the service of Trentham - Masterton special F08.  (4 March 2006)

Masterton Racing Club meeting. The locomotives on the special from Masterton have run around their train. An up EMU passes on the Main. (4 March 2006)

Masterton Racing Club meeting. The service of F08 is signalled from the Racecourse platform out onto the single line so that it can set back onto the Main. (4 March 2006)

Masterton racing Club meeting. The service of special F08 Trentham - Masterton is stabled on the Main, allowing EMUs to use the Racecourse platform. (4 March 2006)

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