Trentham - Unusual Workings

During the first few months of 2006 I observed several interesting (and rare) workings at Trentham. This station is single line with main and loop (Racecourse Platform). At the south end of the station is the single to double track junction. Usually the only trains to use the loop are EMUs on race days.

In the early part of 2006 a locomotive on test used the loop. A few weeks later a late running freight also travelled through the loop. In addition, a little used signal was cleared for a race special and a twelve-car Ganz EMU ran from Upper Hutt to Trentham. On this page I document these and other workings.

Trentham sign

This hoarding was located where the only people to see it would have been the residents of a retirement home, located next to the race course (2006).

Twelve Car Ganz EMU

On 28 January 2006 Trentham was switched in for Wellingtion Cup Day. A twelve-car Ganz EMU was stabled on the Main to stop passengers crossing the tracks. The twelve-car set ran from Upper Hutt, with two 2-car sets off-line.

12-car Ganz leaves Upper Hutt

A twelve-car Ganz EMU crosses Blenheim Road as it begins its short journey to Trentham. Two two-car sets are off-line.

12-car Ganz at Trentham

The twelve car "Barrier" train blocks the Main. Five of the six two-car sets are visible. An up service crosses from the Up Main to the loop.

Dxr in loop

On 28 January 2006 Trentham was switched in for Wellington Cup Day. Unusually for a Saturday Dxr 8022 was taken for a test run from Hutt shops to Featherston and return. The Main at Trentham was blocked by a twelve car Ganz EMU, which was acting as a barrier to stop passengers crossing the tracks. Hence 8022 ran through the loop. As there is only one other Dxr in the system this was probaby the first time this type of locomotive had run through the Trentham loop.

8022 in Trentham loop

8022 pushes test locomotive 7186 through the loop at Trentham. It is passing a twelve-car Ganz EMU which has been stabled in the Main to stop punters crossing the track.

8022 souns horn

When 8022 sounded its distinctive horn the ditch lights reflected in the sides of the Ganz EMU. 8022 is about to pass signal 7 Down Starting From Loop and proceed onto the down main.

Signal 28 Cleared

On Saturday 4th March 2006 a special train ran from Masterton to Trentham for the Masterton Racing Club meeting. It was double headed and at Trentham the locomotives ran around their train. This required that ground light 28 be cleared - an extremely rare event.

Signal 28

Special F07 from Masterton has arrived in the loop at Trentham. The locomotives have uncoupled and run forward past cross-over 18 and shunt signal 28. Locomotives are 4634 and 4605.

Signal 28 cleared

18 points have been reversed and signal 28 cleared. The locomotives will run around their train on the main. I became soaked taking this rare photo on a very wet day.

633 Runs Through Loop

On a very wet Saturday 4th March 2006 Trentham was switched in for the Masterton Racing Club meeting. A special train from Masterton (F07/F08) berthed at the racecourse platform and then stabled on the main. 633, Napier - Wellington container train, which was running late, ran through the loop.

633 enters loop

633, with a long line of containers, enters the loop at Trentham.

633 in loop

633 passes the service of special F07/F08, which is stabled on the main.

EM80 Checks The Loop

On Friday the 10th of June 2006 EM80 ran through the loop at Trentham. This required that Trentham be switched in. EM80 also checked the Masterton loop , the Gracefield Branch and possibly other loops as well.

The Wellington Racing Club web site indicates that the Trentham Race Course has been closed for drainage work, with meetings being transferred to other courses. The next meeting at Trentham will be on October 28th, 2006. I understand that control of Trentham will be transfered to Train Control in December 2006, so the local panel will probably be switched-in at least one more time before it is decommissioned.

EM80 waits in the loop at Trentham for signal 7 Down Starting For Loop to be cleared.

The junction points are not in the correct position for EM80 as the mechanical traps Points Indicator is showing its red side.

I did not witness this event as I was at Gracefield to observe EM80's visit to the Branch.

Photo: Alan Wickens.

EM80 Trentham

Cyclops In The Loop

On NZ Oaks Day (Girl's Day), 17th March 2007, the 11:05 ex-Wellington and the 12:00 ex-Upper Hutt services were worked by a six-car English Electric set. Cyclops was at the south end. This use of heritage stock (rather than a Ganz EMU) was at the request of the Wellington Racing Club. Trentham was not switched in as the station is now controlled from the Network Control Centre rather, than from the local panel.

EE set in Trentham loop

A six-car English Electric set, with Cyclops at the rear, has arrived in the loop (Racecourse Platform) at Trentham. It is running the 11:05 Wellington to Upper Hutt scheduled service.

cyclops in Trentham loop

The 11:05 ex-Wellington departs from the loop at Trentham.

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