Trentham Station

At Trentham the double line from Wellington to the Wairarapa becomes single. Usually all trains use the Up platform. However, when there are races at the adjacent Trentham racecourse the Down (Racecourse) platform, is used. From this platform punters can walk directly to the racecourse.

On these pages I document race day activity, some rare workings observed in early 2006 and the signalling arrangements. I also document Trentham as it is for most of the year.

Trentham Main page

As far as I know Trentham is the only unmanned station in the Hutt Valley that still has glass in the windows. Net curtains add to the pleasing effect.

Trentham Station Overview

Trentham Diagram

Junction. 18 points are the single to double line junction. Until early 2007 these points were controlled from Upper Hutt. Upper Hutt could not operate 19 & 13 points, requiring the station to be switched in on race days.

On 6th February 2007 control of Trentham was transferred to the Network Control Centre (NCC), the signals renumbered and the station panel decommissioned. I understand that the NCC can control 19 & 13 points.

Racecourse Platform. For approximately 360 days of the year all trains use the Main platform. On race days the Racecourse platform is used. Until early 2007 it was necessary for Trentham to be switched for trains to use the Racecourse platform.

Now that Trentham is controlled from the NCC the concept of switching-in is presumably no longer meaningful.

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Up Trains. A diagram and photographs describe the signalling of Up trains between Heretaunga and Upper Hutt on Race Day in 2001/02.

Down Trains. A diagram and photographs describe the signalling of Down trains between Upper Hutt and Trentham on Race Day in 2001/02.

Failed Train. One of the EMUs running on Wellington Cup Day in 2002 failed at Pomare. Visit this page for details.

Rare workings page

Rare Workings. In early 2006 I witnessed several rare workings at Trentham, including a freight train using the loop and a shunt signal cleared.

Signal Panel Page

Signal Panel. Study the 50+ year old Trentham signal panel. The panel was de-commissioned in February 2007.

Most days of the year

Photo Gallery. A Gallery of photos showing Trentham as it is throughout the year.

Signalling History.

Trentham History  explains how Trentham's signalling has changed over the years. See also before 1976.

Local Instructions.

Download Trentham: Local Instructions L194  (December 1976).

For Future Use

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Medium Speed. For more information about Trentham signalling visit my Medium Speed page. Trentham is used to demonstrate medium speed.

Points Indicators. For more information on mechanical points indicators visit my Points Indicators page. Trentham is used as an example of these indicators.

Trap Points Mechanism. My 18 Trap Points page describes the operating mechanism of 18 trap points and the associated points indicator at Trentham.

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