Failed Trentham Race Train

On Wellington Cup day (26 January 2002) I caught the 12:05 ex-Wellington at Epuni. I planned to go to Trentham to photograph race trains. At Pomare the train I was on coupled on to the preceeding EMU, the 11:35 am ex-Wellington, which had failed. The two trains ran coupled together to Upper Hutt. Here are some photographs of this event.

The Breakdown


The 12:05 from Wellington approaches Intermediate Stop & Proceed signal 2160, which is displaying Stop. In the distance is the six-car 11:35 am ex-Wellington which has failed at Pomare. Signal 2160 is fitted with a marker disk.

The six-car 12:05 ex-Wellington approaching the failed EMU at Pomare. Passengers have detrained from the failed train and are waiting on the platform.

The 12:05 ex-Wellington about to couple up to the failed EMU, forming a twelve car train. The jumpers were connected so I assume that the twelve cars were driven from the front cab.

Trentham Racecourse Platform, looking north towards Upper Hutt. Punters disembark from the failed six-car train. Another six cars are behind the camera. Three pans are visible in the print.

From the same spot as the photo on the left but looking south. Passengers detraining from the 12:05 from Wellington. Both trains are coupled, with the jumpers connected. Three pans are visible in the print.

36 Up Starting From Main at Upper Hutt has a low speed light illuminated. The failed train has passed the starting signal (under its own power) prior to setting back into the loop.

Note the small boy on the bicycle. He was about to cross the tracks just before the EMU moved. There is a subway behind the camera.

The failed EMU enters the loop under its own power.

Several teenage girls who had joined the train at Upper Hutt had a ride into the loop.

A TSO waits in the storage area beside a Ganz EMU and the van of the Fielding and Districts Excursion. However the failed EMU was placed in the loop (just right of the fence) rather than in the storage area.

I do not know why the failed unit was placed in the loop. A spare Ganz set can be seen behind the van.

Later In The Afternoon.......

At 1451 a Wellington - Upper Hutt EMU approaches Upper Hutt signal 31 Up Home. The low speed light is illuminated.

The reason for the low speed light is now apparent. 44 points are set for the Suburban Platform (the Dock). Note the safety siding.

The dock is occupied by a two-car set from the earlier failed train. The arriving EMU couples to it and returns it Wellington.

Visitor To Upper Hutt....

The rear EMU has returned to Wellington as a normal service. The failed EMU can be seen at the north end of the Upper Hutt platform, just before it was moved into the loop.

In the storage area is the Fielding And Districts excursion to the Trentham Races. The excursion, formed of Capital Connection cars, ran via Paraparaumu. The Capital Connection vehicles are rebuilt BR MK2 cars.

The tracks are the Main (left) and the Loop (right).

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