Trentham 23 Up Departure

Trentham 23A Up Departure from Main on the left and 23BC Up Departure From Loop on the right. The box on the signal 23A post once held a half pilot key. The number 24 on the loop departure signal post refers to a low-speed light which has been removed.

This is an example of two signals having the same number and is also an example of a double unit signal controlling exit from a loop. See pp 126 - 128 in Semaphore To CTC by RW Heine.

The Up Departure From Loop signal has been cleared and is displaying Caution Medium Speed because the Wallaceville - Upper Hutt half-block is occupied.

Photograph taken on 4 March 20006 (not a race day).

23A Up Departure From Main.

The box once held a half-pilot key.

23BC. Up Departure From Loop.

24 was a low-speed light.

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