Fletcher Siding At Ava

What is listed in the Signalling and Interlocking circular as Fletcher Siding is in fact three separate sidings. They are served by a single switchlock connection to the Down Main. One of these sidings (now disconnected) served Fletcher Steel. The other two sidings are both out of use.

The configuration of the sidings was determined by the proximity of the sidings to signal 77 Down Home From Main which is equipped with a train stop.

This page records the siding as it was in May 2002.   The mainline points were removed on 25 May 2003. See my Wrong Line Running page.

1603 approaches Fletcher Siding on the Down Main in August 2001.


From left - FletcherSiding, Down Main and Up Main. The rodding that operates the siding points makes a near ninety degree turn to the left just beyond the traction pole, passes under the remains of the Fletcher Steel siding and the turns right towards the switchlock.

The 12km peg and location cabinet 17A for the siding is on the right beside the Up Main.

Note that the overhead structures span the siding, suggesting that in the past there was an electrified siding - perhaps serving the closed General Motors factory - at this point. The overhead dates from the mid 1950s.   (Continued....)

(Above) One of the cranks used in the installation.

(....Continued)   Near the Cuba Street overbridge is wooden cabinet 19 (unused?). The use of a two rather than the usual four digit number in an automatic area suggests that there were once other track structures here.

The location cabinet for intermediate signal 1216  (Loc 18) on the Up main contrasts with the siding cabinet and is of a steel design. Location cabinet 18 was probably originally similar to the wooden elevated cabinet 20 which is still extant just south of Ava Station.

The remains of the Fletcher Steel siding. The telephone shelter, although dillapidated is, still in place. Most shelters in the Woburn area have been removed.

The spring points leading to the "loop" off the siding.

The Pacific Containers siding. They do not appear to be expecting any wagons soon!

These points have a "Wynn-Williams" casting.

The Wellington Newspapers siding. The portal mounted signal is 77 Down Directing From Main. It protects the Hutt Valley Junction (Melling Line) and is equipped with a train stop. Note that the telephone shelter has not been removed. The Hutt Road overbridge is in the background.

(Right)   The Western end of Fletcher siding viewed from the Hutt Road overbridge. The Down Main is visible.

This site was chosen for the Wellington Newspapers plant because it allowed newsprint to be delivered by rail. The Wellington Newspapers siding is visible just to the right of the boundary fence.

Tranz Rail has withdrawn from the newsprint traffic, forcing the delivery of large newsprint rolls through residential streets.

The track on the Wellington Newspapers property was removed on 18/5/02.

Here is a Wellington Newspapers momento.

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