18 Trap Points Trentham

This page records the trap points at Trentham as they exist in November 2001.

Trap points 18 at Trentham protect the down main from vehicles in the loop. The sidings off the loop were lifted some years ago so the trap points appear to have outlived their usefulness.

The trap points are operated from the motor of 18 points. The switch operating rod leaves the points motor at the side. The trap points are equipped with a facing point lock. The FPL is operated by a rod from the end of the motor casing - clearly there is flexibility in where connections can be made.

A mechanical points indicator and an electrical detector are connected to the trap switch. The need for the points indicator is not immediately obvious as 18 traps are protected by 7 signal.

18 mainline points have a 50kph authorised speed. There are two connections to the switches.

Trentham is controlled from the CTC panel at Upper Hutt. A local panel is installed in the Trentham Station building.

Upper Hutt controls 18 points and 8 & 29 signals. The station must be switched in to reverse 19 points and clear 7 signal. 28 shunt signal has probably not been used for many years.


Last Updated: Monday, August 01, 2005

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