Originating Stations

Stations in the Hutt Valley which originated trains.

The following preliminary notes are based on the public timetables and the 1928, 1937 and 1947 Working Timetables (WTTs). In order to complete the analysis, particularly the Workshops/Hutt Park trains, I will need to study later WTTs.

Trains to Woburn are probably all Hutt Workshops trains but I have not yet checked all of the Working Timetables.

From 28 February 1954 there were also trains to/from Upper Hutt but I have not included them in these notes.

In 1927 all trains terminated at Waterloo.

The 1937 WTT shows a Wellington - Woburn - Workshops train morning and afternoon. I have not yet determined if this train began running in 1929 - the year the Branch opened to the Workshops. The morning return train terminated at Petone rather than Wellington.

In 1942 the Hutt Branch ended at Waterloo and all trains listed in the public timetable terminated at that station.

By 1946 the line had been extended to Naenae. Eight Up trains terminated at Naenae Monday-Friday and ten Down trains originated from Naenae. All other trains terminated/originated at Waterloo. I will need to check the WTT for details of the Workshops trains.

The 1947 WTT shows morning and afternoon Hutt Workshops trains, a Woburn- Waterloo train was formed from the morning Workshops - Woburn service. All other trains terminated at Taita.

In 1953 electrification had reached Taita. Trains terminated/originated at Taita, Waterloo and Woburn as well as Lower Hutt and Melling. The public timetable does not show any Naenae trains.

The 1954 public timetable shows one up and one down trains to each of Naenae, Woburn and Waterloo. Trains also terminated at Melling and Taita.

By 1955 the Naenae train no longer ran. There was one Up and one Down train Monday-Friday to each of Waterloo and Woburn as well as Taita and Melling trains.

In 1971 There was one up and one down train Monday-Friday to Woburn but one up and two down from Waterloo.

In 1980, in addition to the Taita and Melling trains there was one down train originating from Woburn. This may have been the Workshops train (will need to check the WTT) but I cannot find a matching up train.

From 1986 only Taita, Melling and Upper Hutt originated trains.

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