General Information For Passengers

This page provides examples of the General Information sections in Hutt Valley public train timetables.

1954 Timetable

An exciting time for public transport in New Zealand, particularly rail commuters.

1955 Timetable

Points to note are the references to smoking and six trip tickets. Of interest is the delightful archaic word "perambulator". It conjures up visions of hordes of young housewives with their perambulators travelling into town on the train for morning tea at Kirkaldies! Note also that six trip tickests expire after one month and ten trips after one week.

1971 Timetable

The first sentence is rather condescending. Intending passengers with bicycles are given instructions on how to assist the "Department". The additional charges for tickets purchased on the train make interesting reading after thirty years of inflation.

1980 Timetable

Smoking is still considered a normal activity on public transport but perambulators have become prams. Inflation since 1971 has increased the surchage on children's tickets purchased on the train from 2 cents to 5 cents. We are reminded that the suburban trains are run by a Government Department by reference to Railways Regulation 16.

1986 To 1995 Timetables

There was no General Information section in the timetables from 1986 to 1995.

2000 Reprint Of Timetable

A fares section was added to the 2000 reprint of the 1995 timetable.

2001 Timetable

A General Information section was added to the 2001 timetable. It is "customer driven" for an era when travellers have other transport options besides trains. Mention is made of bicycles but reference to smoking and prams has disapeared, just as the traditional Department store morning tea while on a trip to town has gone forever!

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