Taita - What The Signalman Sees
(From the Windows)

The Taita signalman, when sitting at the panel, cannot observe trains. This is in contrast with Petone. To see a train the signalman must stand at a window, and when doing so has a very limited view of the platforms.

To the south he must look through the relay room which is locked.


From this north facing window the signalman can see the up main, the storage road and part of the down main.

What The Signalman Sees

(From The Windows)


The low-speed light on 25 signal is illiminated, indicating that the next up train is to go into the storage road.

Into Storage

A four-car Matangi on a Wellington - Taita service, enters the storage road.

Two Matangis

A Wellington - Upper Hutt train, which was closely following the Taita service, departs Taita. Meanwhile, the driver of the terminating train (in storage) checks the headlight of his train.

Ganz at Taita

A Ganz Mavag EMU on an Upper Hutt - Wellington service arrives at Taita. Almost hidden behind the traction pole is the Matangi in storage that will follow the Ganz.

Down Ganz Departs

The Ganz departs for Wellington. It has passed 126 signal and is approaching 125 signal. The photo was taken looking through the relay room.

Out of Storage

The Matangi comes out of the storage road onto the down main. It will follow the Ganz to Wellington. The vehicle track shows the approximate position of the now lifted loop.

Shopping Centre

The Taita Shopping Centre. When the Hutt Valley Railway was built shopping centres were constructed at Waterloo, Epuni, Naenae and Taita.

Commuter Car Park

The land once occupied by the Taita Yard is used for a variety of purposes, including commuter parking.

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