Taita Push Up To Return

When Taita is switched out Up trains can terminate and return to Wellington by use of the Push to Return control. The control is in a box on the up platform.

(Right) This box on the Up platform contains the push to return control.

Push to return box

Taita Push To Return

From the 2013 Local Instructions.

Push up button

When a train is ready to reverse, check that the "Down Train Approaching" indication is not illuminated, if not, operate the train to reverse pushbutton. The "Claim Registered" light above the pushbutton will illuminate, signals protecting any conflicting movement will revert to "Stop" and the "A" light on signals 125, 126, 134ABC and 135AB will extinguish. The main line points will restore to normal once the train has passed over them.

If, following instructions from Train Control, it is necessary to operate the pushbutton when the "Down Train Approaching" indication is illuminated, the points will not reverse and the signal will not clear to proceed until a 60-second time delay has operated. This time delay will not commence to operate until the Down platform track is occupied.

A cancel pushbutton is provided to place the signal at "Stop" and restore the points to normal in the event of the intended movement not taking place.

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