Taita Telephones

Before the use of radio the NZR had a extensive trackside telephone network. At Taita there were phones located next to some of the signals. Train crew, shunters, the signalman and Train Control could communicate with each other over the network.

(Right) The telephone switches, at the left hand side of the desk, are out of use in 2013.

Phone switches

Taita Telephones

From Local Instructions dated 1960.


Yard Telephones. Four commlmications channels are provided between Naenae and Taita at the control panel. Each channel is connected to a key switch appropriately marked.

When a member working in the yard operates a telephone to call the signal panel a buzzer sounds and a white light is illuminated above the appropriate key switch. To answer the calling channel, the associated key is operated "down" and the telephone at the signal panel is connected to the line.

Train Control & Signal Box Lines.  The telephone at the signal panel is also used for answering the train control channel and the signal box channel, both of which are connected to key switches on the signal panel. No light is associated with these key switches, the usual bells ring when the station is called.

In the event of Taita being unattended the four yard telephone key switches are to be thrown in the "Up" position to switch the yard telephones to train control.

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