Taita - Station and Signal Box

Photographs of Taita Station and Signalbox taken in 2013.

A photograph, dated 12 September 1953, of the inauguration of the Taita electrification in A Line of Railway shows that the new station building was complete by that date. On 12 October 1953 a new timetable, promising fast electric trains and an improved passenger service, came into use between Wellington and Taita.

Note that the official opening ceromony was on 12 October 1953 so the date in A Line of Railway may be wrong. Regardless, Taita Station and Signal Box was in use by late 1953.

Timetable cover

Taita Station and Signal Box

Taita Station

Taita Station looking south. The track is the up main. The panel and relay room are on the first floor. The ramp to the subway is at the north end of the building.

Box looking north

Taita Station and signal box looking north. The central part of the structure, containing the subway, the panel and the relay room is made of concrete. I suspect that each end of the building is constructed of wood. Note the overhead for the loop that was lifted about 2000.

Taita Station from Shops

Taita Station, with the signalbox on the first floor, seen from the shopping centre.

Taita station close up

The panel (left, or north end) and the relay room (right, or south end) are on the first floor of the station building. Photo taken from Shopping Centre.

Taita and logs

Photo taken in the commuter car park looking north-west. On the left is the ramp to the subway. 649, Waingawa - Wellington logger passes on the Down Main.

Taita subway

The subway viewed from the Eastern Hutt Road end. This is the "long" section of the subway.

Taita subway painted

Left, steps to the station building. Right, a ramp to the south end of the platform. In the distance is the ramp to the shopping centre.

Subway steps

The steps from the subway to the station building make a 180 degree turn.

Up the steps

The view from the subway steps. The signalman is on duty.

Entrance to signal box

The entrance to the signal box stairwell seen from the down platform. Out of sight to the left are the steps to the subway.

Box Door

The door to the platform from the signalbox stairwell.

Prison cell

The stairwell up to the signalbox has all of the ambiance of a prison cell. At least it has a new style light bulb!

Stairs to signal box

The view of the stairwell from the landing beside the signalbox door (on the right).

Signal Box entrance

The entrance to the signal box. The box has a good 1950's feel to it. The window overlooks the Taita Shopping Centre.

View on entry to Box

The scene that greets the signalman as he walks in the door. The door behind the left-hand side of the panel leads to the relay room. The camera was placed on a window sill, hence the low perspective.

Inside signal box

Another view as the signalman enters the Box. The window looks over the commuter car park. The toilet door is left centre. The entrance door to the signalbox is out of sight on the left.

Relay Room Door

Another 1950s style door - this is to the relay room. The track south of the station can be seen by looking through the clear window to the left of the door and then through the relay room. This is on the eastern side of the signalbox.

Relay room window

The window just seen between the column and the curtain provides a view into the relay room and a very limited view of the up platform and 127 ground light and 77 points. Taita Shopping Center is through the window on the right.


Old style tubular heaters. The trunking carries the wires from the relay room to the panel.


Taken looking north towards the storage road, this image shows that Taita Station does not have a flat roof as might have been imagined.

Taita station from north

North end of station building with the ramp to the subway in the foreground. The up main is on the right.

Taita station south end

South end of the station building. The Down main is on the right. The loop was lifted by about 2000 but in 2013 the overhead is still intact.

Up platform

Up platform looking north. I suspect that the small square panels were once made of glass.

Up platform

Up platform looking south.

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