Taita Box Closed

Taita Box was switched out for the last time at 1841 hours on Friday 18th July 2014.

On this page I present some photos taken during the final afternoon shift.

The Last Taita Signalman requested privacy. This is not Facebook (thank goodness!) and I respect privacy. Therefore there is no "Last Taita Signalman" photo or mention of the signalman's name.

A 1950's era door at the top of the stairs provides access to Taita Box.

Storage Road

Train 4660 the 1650 all-stops service from Wellington enters the storage road at 1721. Seen from the pedestrian bridge.

Signal Box and Matangi

This is the last evening when the Signal Box lights will be on. The train is 4661 the 1731 non-stop service to Wellington. Seen from the commuter car park at 1728.

Top of Subway Steps

Arriving at the top of the subway steps and onto the platform I note that the grill door is open meaning that the Last Taita Signalman is on duty.

Climbing the steps to the Box for the last time.

The entrance to Taita Box has all the ambiance of a prison cell.

Last Taita Service Approaches

4670, the last up Taita service of the afternoon is at Naenae. On the down main 2667 the 1807 all-stops from Upper Hutt to Wellington is at Pomare.


The Train Register

At 1835 the next up train is 4670 the final Taita service of the evening. It is running one minute late. It will berth on the down main and form the service of 4671 which runs express to Wellington.

Last Taita Service Arrives

It is 1841 and train 4670 from Wellington has berthed on the Down Main. After 61 years this is the final train to be signalled from the Taita panel and the signalman has already switched out both mains.

Last Train Departs

Train 4671 the 1842 Taita - Wellington express service is about to depart a few minutes late. Both mains at Taita are now switched out. The signalman will have his jacket on and he may even have turned off the radio and the lights. As soon as this train starts to move he will be out of the door and on his way home.

Last Updated: Sunday 20th July 2014

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