Interislander Locomotive

As soon as I saw this locomotive I dubbed it the "InterIslander Loco". (If you do not understand this reference look at the photograph of the real InterIslander at the bottom of this page).

The photographs were taken at Bandarawella in the Sri Lankan Hill Country (about 6000 feet above sea level) in 1998. Bandarawella is a single line crossing station with a 10 lever frame. Safe working is by Tablet (looked like Tyers No 7).

A similar locomotive at Colombo Fort Station carried two cast plates - made by Henschel (spelling?) in Germany in 1979 and repowered and upgraded by AdTranz in 1997.

A view from the cab while shunting.

Handing the tablet to the driver.

Picking up a wagon near the disused turntable. The signal is the starter. The main is on the right and curves to the right.

Bandarawella ten lever frame.

Shunting outside the Home signal.

Finally, a photograph of the real Interislander (the best photograph I could find but the funnel can just about be seen).

Last Updated: Monday, July 25, 2005

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