EMUS Reversing At South Junction

On the weekend of amp; 3 March 2002 suburban EMUs were replaced with buses between Pukerua Bay and Paraparaumu. A block of line was in place between South Junction and Waikanae for tunnel floor lowering, tamping and regulating and traction maintenance.

From Pukerua Bay the EMUs continued to the next passenger stop ( Muri ) and then reversed on the single line at South Junction.

This page documents a journey from Pukerua Bay to South Junction and return. The trains are 6352, the 1500 ex-Wellington, and 6353 the 1616 from Muri to Wellington.

Intermediate signal 3046 at the north end of Pukerua Bay station. This is a Stop & Stay signal.

Three signals in the rear of South Junction are Stop & Stay - the Departure 8R, double unit intermediate 3132 (at Muri) and intermediate 3046.

Double track railway approaching Muri.

Train 6353 (1500 ex-Wellington) arrives at Muri. A Ganz EMU is waiting at the down platform for its 1546 departure time. Signal 3132 is displaying yellow over red.

Signal 8R Up Starting is displaying a yellow low-speed light meaning that the junction points are in the proper position but the track may be occupied or obstructed. The low-speed light is temporary - normally this signal is classed as an Up Departure signal.

South Junction. Up main on the left; Down Main on the right. The safety siding ends in a drop of about 54m to State Highway 1.

The single line. The EMU has stopped at a fluorescent line painted two car lengths from the junction. An "All Trains Stop" sign which should be about two car lengths away appears to have been blown down - it was in place earlier in the day. On the other side of the curve a sleeper has been placed across the track.

The EMU has reversed and is approaching signal 8L Down Starting. This signal appears to have a marker light rather than a disk.

Entering Double Line Automatic Signalling (DLAS) territory. Muri Station is just beyond the curve. 8RABC Up Starting is out of sight on the lower right.

Train 6353 waits in the sun at Muri for its 1616 departure to Wellington.

An up EMU arrives at Muri.

Intermediate signal 3047 and Pukerua Bay Station.

The EMU has stopped at Pukerua Bay. The connecting bus from Parapraumu has arrived and passengers are crossing in front of the train to the island platform.

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