Petone - Signal Photo Gallery

Photographs of the signals under the control of the Signalman at Petone. Over the years, as track structures were removed, some signals were renamed. I have included some of the older names.

Down signals

Signal 77 Petone

77 Down Home From Main. On the left is a duck (train stop) and on the right the Wrong Line Running Board, which was installed in 2008. The signal was converted to a pole mounted LED unit in 2012. 77 signal and the Wrong Line Running board are station limits Petone. Photo taken in 2009.

Signal 78 Petone

78 Down Directing From Branch at the 0.5km peg. Originally named Down Home From Melling. Photo taken in 2007 from a now closed pedestrian crossing.

Signal 74 Petone

74 Down Directing. This signal once protected a crossover. The long since lifted Suburban Siding backshunt (on the right) was electrified. Photo taken in 2008.

73 signal Petone

73 Shunt from Up Main. This signal, seemingly in the middle of nowhwere, once protected a crossover that was removed in the 1999. Photo taken in 2007.

67 and 68 signals

67 Down Platform Starting From Down Main (left) and 68 Shunt and Down Starting From Up Main (right). There is a cross-over just around the curve. The 67 signal A-light is on so the down main is switched out. Photo taken on a wet day in 2011.

66 Signal

66 Down Starting was once gantry mounted. Photo taken with permission in 2010 during a Block Of Line. The pedestrian bridge was removed in November 2010.

65 signal

65 Down Advanced Starting once protected points at the exit from the goods siding. The signal was originally gantry mounted - the double hardwood pole supported the gantry. This is Petone Station Limits on the Down Main. Photo taken 2004.

Up signals

6 signal Petone

6 Up Outer Home. Originally was a double unit signal. Photo taken in 2005. Originally named Up Home. This is Petone Station Limits Up Main.

Signal 10 Petone

10 Up Home. Originally was a double unit signal. Photo taken in 2007. Originally called Up Directing From Up Main.

8 signal

8 Shunt From Down Main. The signal is used when down trains terminate at Petone and cross to the Up Main via 38 points. Photo taken in 2007.

14 Signal

14 Up Starting From Up Main. In the distance is 17 Up Directing at Melling Junction. The route is set for Melling. The Korokoro Bridge has since been replaced as part of the Dowse to Petone roading project. Photo taken in 2006.

17 Signal Petone

17 Up Directing signal protects 48 cross-over and 47 Melling Junction points. Photo taken in 2008.

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