Petone Building

Photographs of the Petone Signal Box

Petone Box

Petone Signal Box

Petone Box aerial view

An "aerial" view of Petone Box from Korokoro Road. Work has just started on extending the commuter car park to the south as part of the Dowse to Petone (D2P) road project.

Petone Box south end

South end before the new windows were installed.

Petone steps

Entrance to the ground floor relay room and steps to the first floor where the panel is located.

Facilities provided for the signalman.

New south end windows being installed in July 2008.

Petone Box south windows

The new south end windows have just been installed. A Wairarapa service is on its way to Wellington. When the weather and lighting conditions are suitable the signalman can seen trains passing through Ngauranga.

A Block of Line was necessary to install the new east side windows. It rained very heavily just as the old windows were removed.

Petone Box east windows

The new east side windows.

Petone Box balcony

The northern balcony and the platforms. Photo taken from the door looking through the weather screen.

Signalman surveys

Signalman surveys his domain from the balcony. Note the weather screen. Some of the old metal frame windows have been painted to reduce glare and the glasshouse effect.

Petone Box emergency light

The emergency battery operated light. The stains on the glass cover suggest that Petone Box was once occupied by heavy smokers.

Petone Box window frames

The south-western corner, showing the painted metal frame windows. The southern windows (left) have since been replaced.

Peone handbasin

It is early morning and still dark. Looking towards the platforms.

Petone Box inside

A photo taken before the eastern and southern windows were replaced. Behind the chair is the open window that allowed the signalman to poke his head outside.

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