Petone - Paperwork

Some examples of the paperwork associated with Petone Box.

Train Register 1975

Petone Register 1975

Part of the train register for Tuesday 25th March 1975. Woburn was switched in at 0522. At 0538 up light locos passed through Petone - possibly to Taita to run a carriage train. There were shift changes at Petone at 0700, 1500 and 2300 so the Box was manned 24 hours per day. At 0521 the up No. 1 shunt from Wellington was cancelled. At 0700 the No. 1 shunt departed for Lower Hutt, originating from Petone. The shunt returned at 0754.

I do not have a WTT for 1975 so I cannot comment on the other trains except to say that they seem to have spent a lot of time at Petone.

Train Register 2009

Register 2009

The pre-printed 2009 train register is boring compared with the 1975 register - and there are fewer trains running. In May 2009 the paper register was replaced with an electronic version.

1971 Train Advice By Telegram

Train Running Telegram 28/8/1975

Train Advice 1820 dated 26/8/1971 sent to the Chief Stationmaster Petone by Telegram. I assume that this was sent by telephone but in earlier days would have been sent by teleprinter or morse. In 2009 the instructions are sent by faxed bulletin.

1971 Telephoned Block Of Line

Block of Line Train Advice

A telephoned Block of Line train advice dated 31/8/1971. In 2009 this work would be protected either by Compulsory Stop Boards under Rule 905 or by a mis 60 Track and Time permit. The details of either would be promulgated by a faxed bulletin.

1971 Printed Train Advice

Train Advice

A printed Block of Line train advice from 1971.

Faxed Bulletin


In 2009 instructions are sent to Petone Box by faxed Bulletin.


A reminder that the Railways Department, like other government departments, was a bureaucracy. This is a label on the back of a standard mass-produced battery operated clock.

The clock has not been inspected for twenty years and yet is still functioning correctly!

Clock Label

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