Petone "Aerial" Photos

These "aerial" photographs were taken from Korokoro Road. It is possible that AP Godber took some photographs from the same location, albeit with much heavier equipment and probably no wheeled transport.

"Aerial" View of Petone Signal Box

Petone aerial

This photo was taken in September 2013 several months before Petone Box closed. Contractors working on the re-signalling project are engaged in a discussion. The replacement for 67 signal on the down main can be seen.

Petone Signal Box Before Dowse To Petone Road Project

Petone aerial before

SH2 runs diagonally across the scene. It has been on this alignment since at least the 1940s. Until the 1980s the land betwen the state highway and Petone Station/Signal box was the Petone railway yard. The Suburban Siding (Platform 3) ran on the western side (closest to the camera) of Petone Box.

Until the 1905 duplication and deviation the single track railway was approximately on the alignment of SH2. The second Petone Station, closed in 1905, was approximately on the right near the red-roofed building. The Petone railway workshops were out of site to the right. Photo taken in 2007.

Petone Signal Box After Dowse To Petone Road Project

Petone after D2P

SH2 has been moved closer to the railway line. Petone Box is now situated in a commuter carpark. A bridge provides access to the car park over SH2. Photo taken in 2012.

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