Commuter Train Myths

On this page I list some myths about commuter trains. I follow these myths with a selection of photos from the Wellington suburban network. The photos are in no particular order. I leave it up to the viewer to decide if the photos refute the myths.

  • No one will use the trains.
  • Only down and outers use commuter trains.
  • Commuter rail is a blot on the landscape. I do not want it near my house.
  • Trains are drab and dirty.
  • Railway Stations are unpleasant places to be avoided.

Waterloo Station carparks on either side of an elecrified double track, fenced railway. Beyond the carparks on either side are extensive housing areas. The large building is an artesian water pumping station; the railway station is just beyond it. The photo was taken on a Sunday. During the week the carparks are full. Note the lighting standards.

Melling Station and car park on a Sunday afternoon. The carpark is sealed and the lawn is mown regularly.

Woburn Station just after 8 am. Plenty of passengers waiting. One passenger near the camera is even wearing a tie! The station building is attractively painted. Because I have reduced the photo to fit the detail does not show. Click here for a larger version.

Passengers board a refurbished electric train at Melling.

The bridge over the Hutt River at Ava. Note the footpath attached to the righthand side of the bridge. The footpath links the stopbank paths on either side of the river and is used by a large number of pedestrians and cyclists every day. The train is electric. An example of pedestrians, cyclists and electric commuter trains happily coexisting.

Commuters wait under cover at Waterloo for their 18 minute non-stop journey to Wellington.

Last Updated: Monday, July 25, 2005

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