Miscellaneous Links And Photographs

Over the past two years I have added some miscellaneous pages and images to my ValleySignals site. I have announced these images and pages in various mailing lists of which I am a member. This page provides an index to those pages and images.

Miscellaneous Links


Timeline   A timeline listing significant events in the history of the the Hutt Valley Commuter railway.

Leighton Meadows

Leighton Meadows  A residential subdivision next to a railway workshops.


Interislander Loco  A locomotive in Sri Lanka that reminded me of one of the Interislander Ferries.


Commuter Train Myths  Answers some of the myths about commmuter train travel.

BR Cars

BR Cars  A large number of BR Mk2 cars have been rusting away at the Hutt workshops since their arrival several years ago.


Cruickshanks Tunnel. Of the six tunnels on the old line between Upper Hutt and Featherston, Cruickshanks is the only one that does not have easy public access. This page explains how to get to the tunnel.


Woburn Triangle. Speculation - did the planners in the 1920s allow for the future construction of the third leg of the Woburn triangle?

Open Day

Hutt Workshops Open Day. A few photographs of the Tranz Rail Hutt Workshops open day on 25th March 2001.


Hutt Valley Lands Settlement Act 1925. The act provided the legislative framework for the Petone - Waterloo branch line to be paid for by the betterment of the land it served.

Miscellaneous Images

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Another Good Man Gone Wrong. Pencil sketch dated 1910 found inside a copy of Raper's Nautical tables (1906).

Mis 31 Form dated 1957 found inside a copy of an operating manual for a class Da locomotive

Newspaper Advert for special trains to the 2002 NZ Golf Open at Paraparaumu.

Power Feed diagram from Your Guide To Railway Electrification issued by the Railways Corporation in 1985.

Mis 60 Track & time Permit

Stadium Tickets. Two tickets to the WestpacTrust Stadium.

Suburban Edmonson Tickets. Thirteen examples of tickets from the NZR, CityLine, CityRail and Tranz Metro.

Ten trip tickets. Three tickets from Tranz Metro and NZ Railways.

Wairarapa Day Excursion Tickets. Two tickets.

Tranz Metro Day Excursion Tickets. Two tickets.

Monthly Pases. Three passes.

Berthing Card for travel on the Lyttelton - Wellington Steamer Express.

Taita 50th anniversary certificate and special ticket (12th October 2003).

Lord Of The Rings Day Rover ticket issued by Tranz Metro Wellington. A standard paper on-train ticket is included for scale.

Kelburn Cable Car. Diagram of the cable car that was opened in 1902 and closed in the mid 1970s due to safety concerns.

Kelburn Cable Car. Extract from 1975 Ministry of Works and Development report listing safety issues with the system.

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