De 508 At Palmerston North

On 1 December 2001 De 508 ran a special train from Palmerston North to Fielding and Levin. The rebuilt BR cars were used.

De 508's progress from the Depot to the Palmerston North passenger station was delayed by an incoming freight train. 242 was directed into the CT terminal but stopped clear of the road access to the terminal because the track in advance was occupied. As a result the rear of 242 blocked the junction for about thirty minutes.

Here are a few photographs of this event.

242 waits at the Longburn Up Departure signal while a shunt with milk tanks enters the loop.

242 passes Palmerston North Station in the late afternoon. Five of the S cars (rebuilt BR cars) and an AG van on the left will be used on an excursion run by De 508 later that day.

Note the signal displaying approach medium speed.

The entrance to the Palmerston North Yard. When 242 stops because the arrival track is occupied the rear of the train blocks this junction. Meanwhile, De 508 needs to travel over this section of track in the opposite direction to get to Palmerston North station.

242 has stopped near the road entrance to the CT terminal because the track in advance is occupied. As a result the rear of 242 blocks the junction. The photograph was taken from the lead locomotive of 242.

De 508 is running from the Depot (on the left) to the passenger station (on the right), from where it will run a special train with the five of the BR cars.

Unable to get to the station because the junction is blocked by the rear of 242, De 508 stops opposite the lead locomotive of 242 (from where this photo was taken).

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