634 & EF30013 At Woburn

Train 634 Wellington - Napier Freight (via Wairarapa) picks up an overhauled Ef30013 at Woburn. The Ef is taken to Palmerston North via the Wairarapa (rather than into Wellington and up the NIMT) because of restricted clearances in the Pukerua Bay tunnels.

The Ef had been picked up from the Hutt Workshops by the train locomotive (a Dx). It will be removed at Woodville and taken to Palmerston North by another train. A DSG ran coupled to 634 from Wellington to Woburn to take some wagons back to Wellington.

Photographed on 7 May 2002 just after 0900.

Ef30013 being added to the front of 634. The train is on the loop at Woburn. The signal to the left of the Ef is 14 Up Starting From Down Main (Woburn) which is blacked out. The signal to the left of the containers is 13 Up Starting From Up Main (Woburn).

Photographed from the northern pedestrian overbridge at Woburn.

Wellington - Napier Freight 634 waits in the loop at Woburn next to 42 switchlock. Ef30013 can just be seen behind the Dx. The Dx and the Ef are about to couple up to the train.

45 points being hand wound. Down Main on the left and Up Main on the right.

634 departs from Woburn via the northern crossover onto the Up Main. The points have been hand wound. Use of this crossover is probably quite rare.

634 crosses to the Up Main with the rear near Woburn station.

Dx and Ef at the head of 634 on the Up Main heading for Waterloo. Note the blue and white striped logo - what does it mean?

634 has cleared the crossover and the Dx and Ef have probably passed through Waterloo Station.

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