Melling Photograph Gallery

Photographs of the Melling Branch. The photographs were taken in 2004.

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Melling Station

Melling Station in the mid-afternoon. (14/4/04)

Melling car park empty

Melling car park empty on a weekend morning. Melling road bridge in background. (19/9/04)

Melling car park full

Melling The 0828 from Wellington arrives. The car park is filled with commuter's cars. Photo taken from the Melling road bridge. (29/9/04)

Olive English Electric set

Melling. Olive English Electric set waits at the stop block for an 0852 departure. (22/9/04)

Waiting for departure

Melling. Guard waiting for an 0852 departure. (22/9/04)

Stop Block

Melling. Stop block and the end of the line at 2.99km. (22/6/04)

Early morning arrival

Melling. The 0828 from Wellington arrives at 0852, illuminated by the low early morning sun. (22/6/04)

Melling platform

Melling. The platform with SH2 on the right. Note the new ballast. (14/4/04)

Bolder wall

Melling. A boulder wall. Does it pre-date the re-construction of the adjacent SH2? (19/9/04)

Large heaxdlight EE set

Pharazyn St. A large headlight red English Electric set has just passed the 2.5km peg on the 0827 Melling - Wellington service. (22/9/04)

Normandale overbridge

Normandale Overbridge. The 0803 to Wellington between Melling and Lower Hutt. (3/9/04)

Red set

Normandale Overbridge. Red English Electric set passes under the overbridge just north of Lower Hutt. (3/9/04)

Olive set near Lower Hutt

Normandale Overbridge. Olive English Electric set travels alongside SH2 as it approaches Lower Hutt with the 0803 to Wellington. (3/9/04)

Lower Hutt Station parking

Lower Hutt. The north end of the platform has been fenced off for parking. (20/8/04)

Lower Hutt Troup building

Lower Hutt. The 1905 Troup designed building is covered with advertisments, but at least it has been preserved. (20/8/04)

Lower Hutt verandah

Lower Hutt. The substantial verandah. 0947 (19/9/04)

Lower Hutt Troup station

Lower Hutt. The 1905 Troup designed station photographed from what was once the railway yard. (19/9/04)

Near Hutt Valley Junction

78 Down Directing From Branch. The 0905 Wellington - Upper Hutt service is rounding the curve just north of Hutt Valley Junction. Note the raised train stop.(20/8/04)

Rectifier sub-station

Hutt Valley Junction. The 0803 Melling - Wellington service has just passed the Petone Electric Traction Rectifier Sub-Station. (24/9/04)

Ganz on junction

Hutt Valley Junction. A Ganz EMU on the 0932 Melling - Wellington service crosses over to the Down Main. (21/9/04)

Down Ganz at junction

Hutt Valley Junction. A Ganz EMU on the 1332 Melling - Wellington service crosses over to the Down Main. (31/8/04)

Gantry mounted signal

Petone. A Ganz EMU on the 0932 Melling - Wellington service approaches a green gantry mounted signal 74 Down Directing. Traffic on the adjacent SH2 also has a green light. (21/9/04)

Speed signalling sequence

Petone Speed signalling sequence - Yellow/Green (approach medium) at Petone and Red/Yellow (medium) at Hutt Valley Junction. (31/8/04)

Off peaslk service

Petone. The 1311 Wellington - Melling EMU departs on the second day of off-peak services. Signal 14 Up Starting From Up Main is indicating Approach Medium Speed because the junction points are set for the branch. (31/8/04)

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