Loop Exit Signals

The railway in New Zealand has used various signal configurations for controlling the exit of a train from a loop - ground lights, single unit running signals and double unit running signals. This page documents examples between Ngauranga and Featherston.

Regulation 1 (a)  of the 1965 Automatic Signalling Regulations states that where specified in S & I Circular Memoranda power shunting signals may be used as starting signals . Regulation 3  explains Departure and Starting signals.

Ngauranga Exit from the loop and through the crossover to the Down Main is controlled by double unit signal 16RAB Down Starting From Loop (far right). The centre signal is 12RAB Down Starting From Up Main and in the foreground is 10R Down Starting From Down Main.

The backshunt was once part of the old Hutt Up Main and provided a third road to Wellington Junction. Is this the reason fror the double unit loop exit signal?

Woburn - 14C Shunt and Up Starting From Loop (Woburn) controls exit from the Loop through the crossover to the Up Main.

On the Down Main double unit signal 14AB Up Starting From Down Main (Woburn) (now blacked out and not visible in the photograph)  is the Up starter.

Trentham - Double unit running signal 23BC Up Departure From Loop controls exit from the Loop. The Racecourse platform is on the right and is used by passenger trains on race days. This signal was once fitted with a low-speed light for entry to the sidings.

A single unit departure signal is on the Main and the rear of 3 Down Home can be seen on the single line. For more information about Trentham see Trentham Race TrainsMedium Speed and Points Indicators.

Upper Hutt Exit

Upper Hutt From the left - Main, Loop and Siding. 39 Shunt and Up Starting From Loop is on the left. 38 Shunt and Up Starting From Sidings is on the right.

On the Main, single unit running signal 36 Up Starting from Main is just visible. Beyond this is the rear of 59 Down Home (not shown in diagram).

(Continued)     The Up departure signal (8R - not visible) is on the single line - this arrangement allows for shunting.

Featherston This is a crossing loop in CTC territory. There are single unit running signals on both the Loop and Main. Note the arrow indicator, which indicates that the points are set and locked for the backshunt.

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