Wadestown Signalling

Changes in the signalling arrangements at Wadestown, from the original automatic signalling to the present day. Wadestown was installed in 1938 for the electrification of the Johnsonville Line and never had mechanical signalling.

I have taken three snapshots so some of the changes may have occurred at an earlier date than that listed.

8RB Up Departure from Down Main at Wadestown.


1....Points Up & Down, Catch Points & Train Stop
2....Points Down & Up, Catch Points & Train Stop
3....Up Home
4B...Down Departure
5B...Up Departure
6....Down Home
20...Electric Train Stop on Down Main

Wadestown operates automatically.

The Medium Speed indication is used for exit from the loop.

The normal position of the home signals is clear.

Train Stop 20 will cause a brake application to any down train whose speed exceeds 15mph past No. 6 signal.


2...Up Home...N.S. to Up Main
4..Down Departure
6..Up Departure
8..Down Home..N.S. Speed to Down Main

Trains must NOT enter the Wellington-Wadestown block section from the Up Main line.

Trains must NOT enter the Wadestown-Ngaio block section from the Down Main line.

Signals and points have been renumbered.

Wanted Winkers have replaced Speak on Telephone lights.

The second searchlight unit has been removed from the Up and Down Departure signals. These signals now show normal speed rather than medium speed.

The normal indication of the home signals has been changed fron Clear to Stop.

The distant signals have been re-numbered as intermediates. I do not know if this changed the way they operated.

A-lights on the Up & Down home signals avoid detention of a train at the respective home signals in the event of a preceeding train failing or a track fault occuring within station limits.


The A-lights have been removed.

Low-speed lights have been added to the home signals. An illuminated low-speed light indicates that the track is unoccupied, which is contrary to usual practice.

CTC has been installed and the signals re-numbered following the conventions for remotely controlled loops.

Three-lens Down Departure from Up Main and Up Departure from Down Main signals have been installed.

Distances had been metricated in 1977 - note the signal numbers.

The telephones, wanted winkers and pilot keys have been removed.

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