Tawa - Kaiwarra Tablet Working

Although Tawa is not on the Johnsonville Branch I have included this page because it shows the "other end" of the Tawa Deviation. It also shows one stage in the opening of the deviation and the use of Tablets through the new tunnels.

Note how what is now called Kaiwharawhara was spelt.

Right   Distant (now Wellington) Junction viewed from near the portal of tunnel number one on the old line. Of course, in 1936 the view was not ruined by the motorway overbridge.

Tawa Deviation In 1936

A photo in Uncommon Carrier (KR Casssells, NZRLS 1994) shows that the old Tawa yard was at a higher elevation than the new yard.

The Tawa deviation was used by Goods trains only, running on what is now the Up Main and protected by tablet. Prior to November 1936, 5 & 6 points had been spiked in the reverse position and the the other track was in use, with trains running directly to and from the new Wellngton goods yard.

Down trains were hand-signalled past the Stop Board opposite 19 signal.

Down trains were required to stop at the Kaiwarra Stop Board and then proceed according to the indication on 29 signal.

The tablet instruments were in the in the Signal Box at Tawa Flat and Yard Foreman's office, Wellington. Before January 1936 the Wellington machine had been located in the Thorndon signal box.

The tablet section was 19 signal at Tawa Flat to 29 signal Kaiwarra.

At Distant Junction several up signals were interlocked with the tablet - they could not be cleared for he Tawa Flat line unless the tablet had been taken out.

S & I 477 (which is cancelled by 487), had four paragraphs dealing with the Operation of The Branch Line. These paragraphs were cancelled by S & I 487. I have not yet located a copy of 477 so can only assume that the Branch Line was the Tawa Flat to Kaiwarra section.

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