Khandallah - Eight-Car Train

On Friday 30th June a two-car EMU failed at Johnsonville. The following two-car set, which attempted a rescue, also failed. On Saturday a four-car EMU was sent to rescue the four cars, which had been stabled at Johnsonville overnight. The resulting eight-car train was too long for Khandallah.

Ben Foden photographed this unusual working as the down eight-car train crossed a two-car up service at Khandallah.

Too Long For Khandallah


The rear of an eight-car train extends past signal 8RB Up Departure From Down Main. In spite of this it was possible for Train Control to reverse 7 points and clear 8RA Up Departure From Up Main for the two-car EMU. The following information was received from Ontrack:

"There is a special feature at Khandallah to allow this overhang for a Down train on the Down Main (but it must be clear of the crossover points track and thus fouling for this crossover) whilst an Up train on the Up main can get a proceed aspect on 8RA signal. However this overhang track is detected fully in 8RB departure signal, and separately in the opposing Johnsonville departure signal."

Two Trains Beyond The Departure Signals


Left The two-car 10:32 ex-Wellington has passed 8RA Up Departure From Up Main and is travelling through the points onto the single line.

Right The failed train, with pans down. The train is blocking Station Road and extends beyond 8RB Up Departure From Down Main.

Photo: Ben Foden

Eight-Car English Electric EMU


The eight-car English Electric EMU descends the grade past the Wellington yard, with the failed four-car set at the rear. An English Electric EMU of this size is very unusual. A freight train is departing from the yard. The freight has just passed 12L Up Advanced Starting From Goods.

Photo: Ben Foden

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