Johnsonville Line Train Stops

In advance of the down departure signals at Khandallah, Ngaio and Wadestown are mechanically operated train-stops. These apply the train brakes if the points are set for the safety siding.

The other train-stops in the Wellington area, including one of two at Wadestown (used for speed control), are electrically operated. The mechanical train-stops rotate about an axis that is parallel to the rails, unlike the electric version which have an axis at right angles to the rails.

Over the 2008/2009 holiday period Wadestown, Ngaio and Khandallah were extended at the south ends to allow 6-car trains. I have not checked to see if train stops have been installed. If they have they are probably electrically operated.

Ngaio Train-Stop

Photograph taken from a public location beside the track.

I may add a photo of a raised train-stop (after I have taken the photo!).

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