Johnsonville Line References

This page lists the sources for my Johnsonville Signalling site. My thanks also to the Railway employees who assisted me with this project.


  • Wellington-Manawatu Railway Company Working Timetable 1905 Facsimile Edition Southern Press
  • New Zealand Railway and Tramway Atlas Quail Map Company Third Edition 1985
  • Single Track R S Fletcher Collins 1978
  • West of the Tararuas D Hoy Southern Press 1972
  • Uncommon Carrier KR Cassells NZRLS 1994
  • Wellington Railway Memories GJ McClare & RG Thomson NZRLS 1998
  • Signalling & Interlocking Circulars (S & Is ) from the NZRLS archives at Ava and other sources.
  • Train Advices and Local Instructions from the NZRLS Archive at Ava and other sources.

Last Updated: Sunday, August 07, 2005

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