Johnsonville - Interlocking Points & Signals

This is the text of Train Advice 1913/12, which described the proposed installation of special locks and keys at Johnsonville and other stations on the ex-WMR line as far as Linton. The purpose was to interlock the loop facing points with the semaphore signals. It is possible that these were Woods locks, although I do not have any evidence that that was the case.

The operation described in this Train Advice is still carried out seven days a week at Masterton.

Train Advice 1913/12

New Zealand Railways

Circular Memo 1913/12

District Traffic Manager's Office

Wellington, 11th February, 1913


All stations between Wellington (Thorndon) and Longburn which are not fully signalled and interlocked but are equipped with Home Signals are to have the Main Line Facing Points at each end of crossing loop fitted with special locks, the keys of which will be interlocked with the respective Home Signals.

The work will be commenced this week, and the following stations will be equipped in the order shown -

  • Johnsonville
  • Porirua
  • Plimmerton
  • Paraparaumu
  • Waikanae
  • Te Horo
  • Otaki
  • Manakau
  • Ohau
  • Levin
  • Koputaroa
  • Shannon
  • Tokomaru
  • Linton

As each station is equipped the locking must be brought into operation.

The following is the method of operating the points-

When Up train is arriving to enter Crossing Loop, Officer in Charge takes the key out of the Up Home signal lever (which cannot be obtained unless the lever is in the normal position) which locks up the lever. He then proceeds to the points at the Up end of the Crossing loop, inserts the key in the lock and unlocks the points, the key being secured in the lock so long as the points are unlocked; when train has arrived in loop the points can be again locked up and key returned to signal lever.

For a Down Train a similar operation is required with the key from the Down signal lever.

When station is closed both Up and Down keys are to be removed from Signal levers and kept in the office for safe custody.

A Duncan

District Traffic Manager


Received copy of District Traffic Manager's Circular Memo 1913/12 dated 11th February, 1913, in re "Interlocking of Crossing Loop Facing Points with Semaphore Signals".

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