Banner Indicators

Banner indicators were first installed in the Wellngton network during the 2008/09 Christmas/New Year shut down and re-building of the Johnsonville Line.

Banner Indicators are not signals. Their meaning is described on this page.

Banner Indicators

Banner Indicators supply information about the next signal in advance when there is restricted sighting distance on this signal.

A Banner Indicator is not a signal, and when displaying "Next signal at Stop" there is no requirement to stop at the Banner Indicator.

(Right, Top) Banner indicator KDH4RBI tells the driver that Khandallah signal 4R Up Home, which is just around the sharp left-hand curve, is displaying Red/Yellow.


(Right, Bottom) As the train rounds the curve the Khandallah 4R Up Home signal comes into view and is displaying Red/Yellow, which is what the driver was expecting.

Photos taken through the dirty front window of a soon to be scrapped English Electric EMU. These photos are no longer possible as the Matangi EMUs, which replaced the English Electrics, do not have front passenger windows.

Signal repeated by banner


Banner Indicator Indications

Horizontal repeats a red aspect

Orientated at 45 degrees sloping down to the right hand side repeats a yellow aspect.

Vertical repeats a green aspect.

Bottom unit may be a white marker light or disc.

A flashing top indication repeats a flashing top unit on the signal.

banner indicator

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