Waterloo - Taita Signalling History

This page documents signalling and track layout changes on the Waterloo - Taita section of the Hutt Valley Branch Railway.

Local Instruction L889   describes the operation of Taita in 1960 and L917  the operation of Waterloo in 1960.

I have reluctantly decided to allow horizontal scrolling on this page - it makes it much easier to display the Signalling & Interlocking (S & I) diagrams.


The date is that on the S & I - not necessarily the date the changes were commissioned.

1927 - Automatic signalling commissioned.  

1945 - Single Line Waterloo To Naenae  

1946 - Waterloo To Naenae Doubled  

1947 - Single Line Naenae To Taita  

1952 - Platform 2 At Taita  

Jan 1953 - Naenae To Taita Doubled  

May 1953 - New Woburn - Waterloo Interlocking  

Jul 1953 - Naenae Controlled From Taita  

February 1954 - Taita Yard & Single Line Taita To Haywards  

June 1954 - Double Line Taita To Haywards  

1961 - Waterloo, Naenae Storage Sidings gone.  

1975 - Waterloo Switchlock Sidings gone.  

1988 - All Waterloo structures removed (for Interchange).  

1996 - All Naenae structures removed.  

2000 - Taita Simplified.  

2003 - Waterloo Changes.  

1927 - Automatic Signalling Commissioned

Colour light signals and interlocking arrangements were brought into operation at 8 a.m. on Wednesday, 25th May, 1927.

When a train is ready to leave Waterloo a Plunger fixed at the north end of the building is pressed. This reverses 947 points, clears 951a signal and puts 944 to Danger. A train after, leaving Waterloo, will automatically reset 947 points to the normal position for the Up main and put signal 944 to Caution. For shunting operations only two Plungers are fixed near 947 points to operate them from normal to reverse as required.

For signalling purposes Waterloo is an unofficered station.

1945 - Single Line To Naenae

The Down Main was extended north past the Waterloo platform and continued as a single line to Naenae. Panels were installed at both Waterloo and Naenae. There was an existing panel at Woburn. The Naenae station was probably south of the existing (2002) station.

1946 - Waterloo To Naenae Doubled

Waterloo to Naenae doubled. A-lights installed on Waterloo signals.

1947 - Single Line to Taita

A single line was extended to Taita. A panel was installed at Taita. There is also a panel at Naenae.

1952 - Platform 2 Installed at Taita

The platform 2 track, which would later be the Down Main was installed at Taita. Panels at both Taita and Naenae.

January 1953 - Naenae to Taita Doubled

Naenae to Taita was doubled. A new panel was installed at Taita and the Taita signals renumbered. According to S & I 673 there were now no structures at Naenae. The Naenae panel has been removed.

May 1953 New Woburn - Waterloo Interlocking

A new interlocking, controlling both Woburn and Waterloo was brought into use in May 1953. Woburn-Waterloo became one interlocked station controlled by a switch-out signal box. The Woburn and Waterloo sections could be switched out separately. All signals were converted were converted to searchlights.

A storage siding was installed at Waterloo and the Waterloo panel removed.

This was advised in S & I 674 which cancelled 664 (Woburn)and 630 (Waterloo).

July 1953 - Naenae Controlled From Taita

The Naenae yard (including a storage siding) and interlocking was installed. It was controlled from the Taita signal box. Part of the Taita Yard was installed. Epuni to Naenae was converted to searchlights. Naenae was operated as a switchout signal box and Taita as a permanent signal box.

This was defined in S & I 676 (July 1953) which cancelled 673.

February 1954 - Single Line Taita to Haywards

Single line from Taita to Haywards commissioned and Melling to Haywards closed - the Hutt Valley is now the route to the Wairarapa. Taita Yard completed. Taita is equipped as a switch-out station but will be permanently switched in as lever 136 has slot control on the Haywards Down Departure signal. Naenae yard finished. Naenae is a switchout station controlled from Taita.

June 1954 - Taita to Haywards Doubled

Described in S & I 697 (30/6/54). 35 Up Departure signal replaced with 1344 intermediate. 135 Down Outer Home moved to down main. Signals and points at Haywards Junction (S&I 698) controlled from Taita so Taita signal box is permanently attended. Diagram not prepared.

1961 - Waterloo & Naenae Storage Sidings Removed

The storage siding at Naenae has been removed. Taita and Naenae are both switchout stations. A push button to reverse 77 points at Taita (allowing an Up train to reverse when the station is switched out) has been installed. The operation of the Taita panel, which controls Naenae as well as Taita, is described in Local Instruction 889 (April 1960).

October 1975 - Waterloo Sidings Removed

The storage siding and switchlock sidings at Waterloo have been removed, leaving just the loop. Note: Need to check 678 & 697 to confirm date.

November 1988 - Waterloo Interchange

All structures at Waterloo have been removed. A new Up platform has been built and the down main routed via the old up platform. This is to allow for the construction of the Waterloo Interchange.

August 1996 - Naenae Structures Removed

All Naenae structures have been removed. Associated signals retain low-speed lights and A-lights. Two double unit signals remain (lower unit fixed red). Express Freight 80 boards installed.

May 2000 - Taita Simplified

The track layout at Taita has been simplified. The Naenae signals have been converted to single unit intermediates.

2003 - Waterloo Changes

In 2003 access to the Gracefield Branch at Woburn was changed. This included changes to the signals at Waterloo. I have documented these changes on my Woburn History page.

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