Upper Hutt - Featherston Signalling History

This page documents signalling and track layout changes between Upper Hutt and Featherston via the Rimutaka Tunnel deviation. This section was opened in November 1955. Until 2007 it was controlled with a time code CTC machine at Upper Hutt. It is now controlled from Train Control in Wellington.

On the old line safeworking was by Tyer's Electric Train Tablet and Mangaroa, Kaitoke, Summit and Cross Creek were equipped with mechanical signalling.

Local Instuction L732   describes the operation of this section in 1955.

Upper Hutt - Featherston locality diagram


The date is that on the S & I - not necessarily the date the changes were commissioned.

October 1955 New signalling commissioned. The Upper Hutt to Featherston section controlled from a CTC panel at Upper Hutt. Featherston station remains a mechanically signalled station. CTC ends at the south end of Featherston.

February 1957 Colour light signals installed at Featherston. CTC territory extended to include south end of Featherston.

Missing What S&I cancelled 770?

June 1994 Maymorn single ended; Rimutaka Loop gone.

August 1999 Maymorn completely removed.

November 1999 Express Freight boards changed from "55" to "70".

October 1955

The original installation. What is now Maymorn was called Mangaroa.

February 1957

Featherston converted to colour light signals and motor points. What is now Maymorn was called Mangaroa.

Missing S & I

What S&I cancelled 770? Was it 1636?

June 1994

Mangaroa now called Maymorn; Maymorn converted to a single ended siding; Rimutaka Loop removed. Co-acting signal 8L AA BB CC removed. Some of these changes may have been implemented by the missing S & I.

S&I 2245 (Maymorn - Featherston) cancels 1636 (Maymorn - Featherston????) and 1941 (Featherston).

August 1999

Maymorn completely removed.

November 1999

E55 now E70. When were pilot keys removed?

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