Trentham Signalling History

This page documents signalling and track layout changes at Trentham.

Trentham history prior to 1976 is in the Pomare - Wallaceville section. As time and motivation permit I will move the earlier history to this page.


The date is that on the S & I - not necessarily the date the changes were commissioned.

Before 1976   See Pomare - Wallaceville.

November 1976   Metrication.

September 1993   Signal Box becomes Local Control Panel; Down Outer Home signal & A-lights removed.

August 1995   Maybe an S & I.

S & I 2672   S & I not located.

February 2007   Control transfered to Train Control.

November 1976

Distances and signal numbers metricated. Up departure signals at Trentham (23A & 23ABC) now jointly controlled by Upper Hutt and Trentham (previously was from Upper Hutt at all times). Trentham a switchout signal box. 2 and 3 signals clear automatically for down trains when station switched out. Siding safety siding points now numbered 11 and worked by points motor rather than by rodding from 13 points.

Trentham Nov 1976

September 1993

Trentham now classed as a Local Control Panel rather than a signalbox. Signal 2 Down Outer Home removed. 3117 converted to double unit Stop & Proceed signal. 3 Down Home moved to eastern side of line, A-light removed and signal controlled by Upper Hutt.

Slow 50 board installed for down trains at 18 points. Silverstream and Defence switchlocked sidings have been removed. CTC Starts & CTC Ends boards installed to define limits of CTC territory. S & I circulars prior to this date stated that the Regulations for Automatic Signalling applied, with no reference to CTC. In the 1965 Rule Book, applicable at the time, there was no specific CTC section.

In December 1987 the Camp road crossing had been closed and Sutherland Avenue crossing opened approximately 130m to the south. A new S & I circular was not issued. Signal 29 Up Home was moved approximately 60m south. 2786 intermediate on Up converted to a double unit Stop and Proceed and double unit signal 2838 removed.

Trentham sep 1993

August 1995

There may have been S & I 2001 dated 13/8/95, into service on Train Advice 7169. (Unlikely, as the S & I numbers would have been out of sequence). Express Freight boards were installed on the down main. In another page I comment that by 2002 the pilot keys had been removed but I cannot find the reference.

Train Advice 1297 (27/5/99) removed 4 groundlight, 13 traps and 24 low-speed light.

S & I 2672

Not located.

February 2007

In February 2007 control of Trentham was transferred from Upper Hutt to Train Control. The station panel was decommissioned and signals renumbered. The Down Home signal became approach controlled for movements to the loop and the down intermediate signal 3117 no longer displayed yellow over green for such movements. Station limits are now clearly defined. In 2012 3337 signal was a double unit, although it could no longer display yellow/green.

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