Masterton Signalling History

This page documents signalling and track layout changes at Masterton. Note that in 2004 electric detectors were observed on the points at Masterton but they are not shown in the S & I circulars.


The date is that on the S & I - not necessarily the date the changes were commissioned.

June 1971 This may be the first S&I issued for Masterton. Semaphore Distants removed?

July 1982 Four-lever frame re-designated as a signal box and a Woods key locked siding removed. Distances metricated.

May 1984 No changes at Masterton. Sidings south of station modified.

July 1994 Introduction of TWC. Cannot locate a copy of this S & I.

2429 (no date) By now TWC has replaced tablet and the Down distant removed. Not sure when changes were made as previous S & I (2345) not located.

November 1999 Semaphore Home signals replaced with two-position colour light signals.

March 2004 Signal box cupbooard door TW lock replaced with AS4 key.

June 1971

This may be the first first S&I issued for Masterton, which was a traditional Woods-key locked tablet station with semaphore signals. I suspect that the S & I was issued because the semaphore distants had been replaced by two-position colour light signals. The semaphore distants were in place in 1959 - Train Advice 2212, dated November 1959, advised that the Down distant was fixed in the Caution position while a bridge, which carried the signal wires, was being repaired.

July 1982

The four-lever frame on the platform is now designated as a Signal Box. (I am not sure of the significance of this). The Woods key locked siding on east side, south of the platform, has been removed.

Distances have been metricated. In 1971 the distance from the Down Distant to the Down Home was 1247 yards or 1151 metres. In 1982 it was 1226 metres, indicating that Down Distant had been moved out by 75 metres. Alternatively, the difference may have been due to a clerical error when the distances were metricated.

The distance between the Up Distant and Up Home is only 703 metres. Note that down trains approaching Masterton are on a down grade.

May 1984

In S & I 1997, dated May 1984, there were changes to sidings south of Masterton (not shown on diagram). There do not seem to have been any changes at Masterton.

July 1994

I cannot locate a copy of S & I 2345. The S & I dealt with the introduction of Track Warrant Control (TWC) at Masterton. S & I 2345 is referred to in Train Advice 5662 (29 June 1984), which deals with points lock changes ready for the introduction of TWC on 4th July 1984.

No Date - S & I   2429

By this date TWC had replaced tablet and the Down distant signal had been removed. I am not sure when the changes made as I cannot locate the previous S & I (234). There were changes to sidings south of Masterton (not shown on diagram).

November 1999

The Semaphore Home signals were replaced wth two-position colour lights csignals. All references to telephones were removed from the diagram.

March 2004

A note has been added - "Signal Box Cupboard Doors Locked By AS4 Key". Previously the cupboard was locked by a TW key. Cool store siding south of station removed.

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