Hutt Valley Junction Signalling History

This page documents signalling and track layout changes at Hutt Valley Junction, General Motors Siding and Ava Station.


The date is that on the S & I - not necessarily the date the changes were commissioned.

May 1927 - Automatic signalling commissioned.  

May 1951 - 6A Down Main Junction Home & 6B Down Branch Junction Home semaphores converted to colour light signals (searchlight). 20 Up Junction Home remains a semaphore.  

August 1951 - Ava Converted to a Single Ended Siding; General Motors Siding Removed. All three lens signals converted to searchlights.  

March 1952 - New Signal Box at Petone. Junction resignalled - all colour lights with new numbers. Normal position of junction points now set for Branch.  

July 1958 - Melling Branch Singled; Train stops installed; Ava siding removed.  

July 1975 - Fletcher Siding Installed; A-lights installed at junction; S & I diagram metricated;   

May 2003 - Fletcher Siding removed.   

Christmas 2013 - Petone re-signalled.  


Automatic signalling was commissioned on Wednesday, 25th May, 1927, at 8 a.m. Note the Down Branch Home upper quadrant semaphore. Note also the use of diamond crossings at the General Motors and Ava switchlock sidings as well as at the junction. The junction was controlled from the Petone Signal Box, which was switch in/out as directed. The Normal position of the points was towards Lower Hutt.

May 1951

6A Down Main Junction Home and 6B Down Branch Junction Home converted to colour light signals (searchlights). The Normal position of the points was towards Lower Hutt.

August 1951

Ava converted to a single ended siding. General Motors Siding removed. All three lens signals converted to searchlights.

March 1952 - New Petone Signal Box

A new signal box was commissioned at Petone on 6 April 1952 at 10 p.m. - see Train Advice 638 and the text of S & I 665. Hutt Valley Junction was resignalled - colour light signals with new numbers. The Normal position of the junction points was changed - they are now set for the Hutt Valley Branch (i.e. to Taita). The Junction can no longer be switched out - there are no A-lights in new installation. Petone is a Permanent Signal Box.

Defined in S & I 665 dated 21 March 1952.

July 1958

Melling Branch Singled. Ava siding removed. Train stops installed. Signal 78 Down Home From Melling converted to a double unit signal indicating Medium Speed to the Down Main. For the purposes of the Rules and Regulations Melling, Lower Hutt and Petone comprise one interlocked station under the control of the signalman Petone. Petone is a permanent signal box. The line to Taita is now the Main and that to Lower Hutt the Branch.

July 1975

Fletcher Siding Installed. S & I metricated; Up direction now left to right on S & I diagram. Signals 77 Down Home From Main and 17 Up Directing fitted with A-Lights.

May 2003

On 25th May 2003 Fletcher Siding was removed. Stop & Stay signal Signal 1237, which protected the siding, was converted to an automatic stop & proceed signal. A block of line was in place while the connection in the down main was removed. This required a Masterton - Wellington passenger train to run wrong line.

On 24th September 2006 1314 and 6 signals were converted to single unit LED signals as part of signalling changes at Woburn. On 12 June 2012 77 signal was converted to a pole mounted LED signal. The intermediates were also converted to LED operation during this latter period.

Christmas 2013

Petone Re-signalled - details to be added.

Melling Junction re-signalled

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