Hutt Valley Branch - 1927

In 1927 a double track branch line was opened from a junction north of Petone to Waterloo. The branch was paid for by the betterment of the surounding land. A single track branch from Woburn to the site of the proposed Hutt Railway Workshops was also in place by 1927. The Workshops opened in 1929.

The opening of the railway lead to the development of the suburbs of Moera (workers) and Woburn (professionals).

Hutt Branch 1	1927 locality diagram

The Hutt Valley Branch In 1927

Automatic signalling was commissioned on Wednesday 25th May at 8 am. The installation was described in Signalling and Interlocking circular (S & I) 439.

Hutt S & I 1927
Woburn Cabin

1 Down Control
2 Down Home
3 Down Starter
4 Shunt Sidings to Down Main
5 Shunt Up main or to Sidings
6 X'over Up Main & to Sidings
7 Shunt Down Main or to Sidings
8 X'over Sidings & Down Main
9 X'over Up & Down Mains

10 Spare
11 Spare
12 Spare
13 Shunt Sidings & Up Main
14 Up Starter
15a Up Main Home
15b Dummy
15c Low Speed to Sidings
16 Up Control

Automatic Points Operation   When a train was ready to depart from Waterloo a plunger (fixed at the north end of the building) was pressed. This reversed 947 points and cleared 951a signal. After the train had departed the points automatically returned to normal and signal 944 cleared to caution.

Diamond Crossings   Note the diamond crossings at Hutt Valley Junction, General Motors Siding, Ava and Woburn.

Gantry Mounted Signals   were used at General Motors, Woburn and Waterloo.

Text Of S&I 439

The text associated with 1927 S&I 439 explained the operation of the equipment.

Click on the diagram for the full text....

Text of S & I 439

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