Gracefield Signalling History

This page documents signalling changes on the Gracefield Branch. Details of how the Branch was operated in 2002 and some historical information can be viewed on my Hutt Park Trains page.

Local Instruction L1260   describes the operation of this station in 1968.


1953 & 1961 - Open Section.  

1968 - Automatic Signalling & Woods key.  

1975 - Automatic Signalling & Woods key - minor changes.  

1996 - Fixed Red signals after Woburn Station fire; Loop and some signals removed.  

1998 - All signals removed; Station Yard working.  

2002 - Gracefield Yard closed;  

2006 - Access to Branch Changed  

1953 & 1961 - Open Section

1968 - Automatic Signalling Installed

Automatic signalling has been installed on the Branch. Signal 3 is now classed as the Up Home from Gracefield [was Up Outer Home from Industrial Branch (Hutt)] and signal 7 is Up Directing from Gracefield [was Up Home from Industrial Branch (Hutt)]. Signal 7 has been moved from the east to the west side of the track. Facing point locks have been installed on the Workshops siding points.

Download Local Instructions L1260/1 and 1260/2 and associated S & I number 1260. All documents are dated March 1968.


An "Entering Three Position Signalling Area" board has been installed. The Loop has now been renamed as a siding.


Three changes ocurred between 1975 and 1996. Firstly, the 1500V DC overhead was removed, secondly the track layout was simplified and thirdly, following a fire at Woburn Station, the signalling was simplified. I do not know when the overhead was removed but the other changes occurred in about 1996.

Note that 12L has been renamed Down Starting on Industrial Line (was Down Home), the station panel has been removed and signals 4A and & 7 are fixed red.


By 1998 all signals (except for the crossing signals) had been removed and the Branch was worked as part of the Woburn Yard. My Hutt Park page describes in detail the operation of the branch from 1998 until closure in 2002.


After the Gracefield Yard was closed in 2002 the branch appears to have been treated as a siding serving the Hutt Workshops. The Taita signalman often acted as Woburn signalman and handwound the points at the south end. My observation is that the Woburn signalman authorised trains from the branch to pass signal 7. I do not have details of any safeworking arrangements on the branch itself - it is possible that the branch was Operator Controlled Territory.


In August 2006 the signalling at Woburn, giving access to the Gracefield Branch, was changed. In addition, specific safeworking instructions for what are now called the Gracefield Industrial Siding and Woburn Sidings were defined in a local instruction. Three trains are allowed to operate from time to time. The trains are Q4 - Industrial Shunt; Q8 - Hutt Workshops Shunt; Q9 Training Centre Shunt. I understand that the new procedures were introduced to prevent two or more of these trains operating on the branch at the same time. The 2006 version of S & I 2783 (as implemented) includes two stop boards and related instructions. These were not shown on the 2003 draft of the diagram, prepared about the time the signalling work first began.

The changes introduced the concepts of Controlled Network; Controlled Network (Special Requirements) and Operater Controlled Territory.

Details of the Woburn signalling changes are on my Woburn Signalling History page.

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