Worker's Trains

From the 1930s until the 1960s or 1970s a passenger train ran from Wellington to the Hutt Workshops.

Hutt Workshops Worker's Trains

Hutt Workshops Stopping Place (photographed in 2000). Looking towards Woburn. This is the main Workshops road entrance off Elizabeth Street. An instruction in the 1937 WTT states:

All trains running on the Industrial Line must stop before fouling the road crossing situated at Hutt Workshops stopping place.

Worker's Trains. From the 1930s until the 1960s or 1970s a passenger train ran from Wellington to the Hutt Workshops. The following information is from the 1937 and 1947 WTTs.

I have not yet examined later WTTs.

The basic pattern was a Wellington - Workshops - Wellington train in the morning with a similar working in the afternoon. There were differences with the morning return train from the Workshops. In 1947 the train terminated at Woburn, ran to Waterloo as a new train and then travelled to Wellington as a third train. In 1937 the train ran Workshops - Woburn - Petone. At this stage I can only speculate why in 1937 the service terminated at Petone. Was it to deliver workers to the Woollen Mill, the Freezing Works and the car factory (all long since gone)?

Workshops Trains In 1947

In 1947 trains passenger trains arrived at Hutt Workshops at 7 25am and 4pm Monday to Friday. Trains departed at 7 27am and 4 13pm.

Train 1741, the 7 27am from the Workshops was empty - the others carried passengers.

Train 1740, which arrived at the Workshops at 7 25am, was propelled between Woburn and Hutt Workshops.1749, which departed the Workshops at 4 13pm,was propelled from Hutt Workshops to Woburn. This suggests that the locomotive was run around 1748 on arrival at Woburn, although only three minutes were allowed. The other trains were allowed one minute at Woburn. The Guard was instructed to ride on the leading vehicle and keep a sharp lookout.

The workshops shunter was instructed to handsignal 1740 and 1748 past the facing points at the entrance to the Workshops.

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