Woburn 5th May 2004

Some photographs taken on the Gracefield Branch and at Woburn on the morning of the 5th of May 2004.

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7241 waits at the entrance to Hutt Shops.

Another view of 7241 waiting.

7241 passes under the bow-string bridge as it leaves the Workshops siding and enters the Gracefield Branch.

7241 on the Hutt Shops siding points. The main Hutt line and Woburn Station are out of sight beyond the curve.

7241 in the loop at Woburn as EM1373 with the 1030 from Upper Hutt passes on the down main. In the distance 5166 & 4398 are waiting on the up main to cross over to the loop. Because the Woburn interlocking is out of use and the points are hand wound 5166 & 4398 are waiting at the points, rather than at the Home signal.

5166 and 4398 enter the loop.

5166 about to couple up to 7241. Note the minor ding in 5166's short hood.

What must be Toll Rail's most expensive shunt loco departs Woburn for Wellington with 7241. 5166 and 4398 seem to have made a special trip to Woburn to pick up 7241, which cannot travel to Wellington under its own power long hood leading.

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