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Trains On The Branch

Over the years I have seen many trains on the Gracefield Industrial Line, including some being propelled with a shunter standing on the leading container flat. Unfortunately I did not take any train photographs until a few days before Gracefield closed. My Q2 shunt page has photographs of the shunt on Friday 26th of April 2002, two working days before Gracefield closed and Q2 ceased to operate.

A few days after Gracefield closed I photographed Wellington - Napier freight 634 in the loop at Woburn. EF30013, which had been overhauled at the Hutt Workshops, was being attached to 634. Because the Gracefield Line 0km peg is about halfway along the Woburn loop (opposite the station building) 634 and a DSG shunt locomotive, which had run to Woburn attached to 634 to take some wagons back to Wellington, effectively made a crossing on the Gracefield Line.

On the morning of May 5th 2004 I photographed 7241 leaving Hutt Workshops. It travelled to Woburn under its own power, from where 5154 and 4398 took it to Wellington.

To view a selection of photographs of Woburn and Gracefield taken in the early 1960s go to my Graeme Bennett Photographs page. Graeme was also fortunate enough to photograph a driverless A class steam locomotive at Seaview.

On 30th November 2005 MTT65 (Mechanical Test Train) conveyed large-headlight red English Electric car D2411, MAXX blue painted 4945 and 5097 from Hutt Shops to Wellington.

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