Repaired Red Car Leaves Hutt

A photographic gallery showing a typical day in the life of Q4 - Hutt Shops Shunt. When I recorded its operation on Wednesday 30 November 2005 it conveyed large headlight English Electric car D2411 to Wellington.

The train was numbered MTT65 (Mechanical Test Train), rather than Q4, because Dcp 4945, which was also conveyed from Hutt Shops, went for a test run to the north.

Q4 typically runs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Work had recently started on a dulux overhaul of English Electric cars D2130 (big headlight) + Dm 556 + D2411 (big headlight) at the Wellington EMU Depot. D2411 had then been sent to Hutt Workshops for some structural repairs.

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A hi-viz jacket has appeared in the Woburn yard, a sign that MTT65 will arrive shortly. The signalman is on his way to hand-wind the points.

MTT65 berths in the loop. From the left three wagons, 4945, 4104, 4409. The signalman, who is just visible behind the Whites Line East overbridge, is restoring the cross-over points.

MTT65 backs down the Gracefield Industrial Line towards the Hutt Workshops. Gracefield yard closed in 2002 and the only traffic is to the Workshops.

MTT65 has arrived in the Worksops siding. While the wagons are being uncoupled the Workshops shunter runs forward and then sets back, adding 5097 and D2411 to the rear of the shunt.

Back to Woburn.

D2411, with end of train marker installed for the run from Woburn to Wellington, traverses the points onto the Gracefield Industrial Line.

D2411 passes the points hand lever (in reverse). Note the reversible seats, although without the large chrome knobs. Belmont trig (457m) in the background.

4945, 4104, 4409, 5097 and D2411 head towards Woburn.

A quick drive to the Ava bridge in time to see a down EMU. The down main is therefore clear for MTT65 to exit the loop. But there was no sign of the shunt.

A quick return to Woburn revealed that 4945 had gone for a test run to the north, with 4104 and 4409 as load. D2411 and 5097 wait in the loop for the test train to return.

One of the structural repairs carried out on D2411.

5097 and D2411. 4945 travelled with these locos to Wellington after its test run.

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