Hutt Park Timeline



Hutt Park Timeline

The secondary sources I have referred to for the period up to the 1880s indicate that the story is much more complex than shown here. If your life depends on knowing exact dates please do not rely on the following table for details! For example, there were two Wellington Jockey Clubs, a Hutt Hack Racing Club and an Island Bay Racing Club.

  • 1854 First race meeting at Hutt Park.
  • 1857 Hutt Park - Act No 7. Wellington Provincial Assembly.
  • 1860s Wellington Racing Club meetings begin...when was club formed?
  • 1865 Hutt Park and Racecourse Act - Act No 6. Wellington Provincial Assembly. Established a Trust.
  • 1866 Trust granted 89 acres by the Crown as a racecourse and for connected puposes.
  • 1866 An Act for its Management No 1. Wellington Provincial Asssembly.
  • 1881 The Hutt Park and Racecourse Bill, which would have allowed the racing club to take over the park and finance a railway to it was drafted but dropped after opposition from the local member of parliament.
  • 1880s Volunteer Review.
  • 1880s Wellington Jockey Club, which had been recently formed at Island Bay, attracts hundreds of people away from the Wellington Racing Club, with its difficult access. Wellington Racing Club charters steamers to take patrons to mouth of Hutt River - some nearly drown.
  • 1885 Hutt Park Railway opened along Esplanade. Passengers cross Hutt river on "small bridge" to Wellington Racing Club course at Hutt Park.
  • ???? Wellingtion Jockey Club forced to sell its Island Bay property.
  • 1886 Hutt Park Sporting & Athletic Club first meeting. A totalisator was installed to cope with betting at the meeting.
  • 1889 Wellington A & P show.
  • 1892 Hutt Golf Club begins activities at Hutt Park.
  • 1894 Hot air balloon ascends 300 ft.
  • 1904 Wellington Racing Club asks Railways Department to build a railway parallel to Whites Line and over the river to Hutt Park. This is approximately the line of the current railway. The Racing Club was in dispute with the Hutt Railway Company over fares.
  • 1906 Wellington Racing Club moves to Trentham.
  • 1906 Hutt Park Railway Company ceases operations?
  • 1907?? Hutt Park Act No 25. Transferred Park to a joint committee of councils (Lower Hutt, Petone, Eastbourne) - vested in trust for recreational purposes.
  • 1915 Hutt Park Railway Company voluntarily wound up.
  • 1916 Wellington Trotting Club moves to Hutt Park from Petone.
  • 1918 Hutt Park Railway Company in liquidation.
  • 1920 First look at an aeroplane.
  • 1927 First race trains to Hutt Park via Woburn. Staff & Ticket working.
  • 1940s US troops quartered at Hutt Park.
  • 1941 Wainuiomata bus to the races.
  • 1940s Race trains cease running.
  • 1950s??? Staff & Ticket Regulations removed from rule book.
  • 1960? Wellington Trotting Club upgrades course and asks Railways Department to provide trains to race meetings.
  • ??? Hutt Park platform completed at a cost of ???. Estimate had been 3,000 pounds. Intention is to run five nine-car EMUs to each meeting. Overhead extended north of Waiwhetu Stream to allow units to stable on Workshops siding (Test Road 1).
  • ?? first meeting of eklectric era.
  • ??? Lease to Hutt Motor camp.
  • Subsequent meets 3-car train only, with Woburn - Hutt Park shuttle. Open section.
  • ??? Automatic signalling installed on Gracefield line.
  • ???? Last documented race train.
  • ??? Hutt Trotting Club ceases operation.
  • 1976 Geyhound racing.
  • ?? Greyhounds cease operation
  • Automatic signalling removed.
  • 1982 Lower Hutt City Council (Hutt Park) Act. Repealed 1907 act and vested land in Lower Hutt as a reserve subject to the Reserves Act 1977.
  • 1996 Harness racing moves to Trentham. Stop Out Soccer Club uses ground and facilities.
  • Some facilities are in such a bad state of repair that they must be demolished.
  • ?? LHCC wants to remove reserve status and use land for large format retailing - fortunately they were unsuccessful.
  • Hutt Park now. Part leased to Hutt motor Camp. part leased for golf. Racecourse site is...

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