Gracefield Industrial Line - 2001

In February and March 2001 I took a sequence of photographs on the Gracefield Industrial Line. I scanned the prints with a low quality scanner. In spite of the poor quality of the images I have decided to retain them as a record of the branch just before it closed.

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Gracefield Branch 0km peg. Woburn down platform on the right.

Signal 7 Up Directing From Gracefield. On the right the Hutt line passes under the Randwick Road ramp. (Feb 2001)

Telephone hut and signal base beside signal 7. The hut has now been removed (July 2001). (Feb 2001)

Signal 7 Up Directing From Gracefield. This signal is fixed red, following a fire in the Woburn Station building several years ago. Crossing the photo is the Hutt line. Upper Hutt trains travel left to right. The road is Whites Line East. Just beyond the ramp is Woburn Station.(Feb 2001)

Looking towards Gracefield. Note the width of right of way. (Feb 2001

Switchlock at northern entrance to Hutt Workshops. The frame of the pedestrian bridge is made of bull head rail. The rail is dated 1870. The bridge provides access between Awamutu Grove and York Street in Moera.(Feb 2001)

Northern entrance to Hutt Workshops. Looking towards Gracefield. (Feb 2001)

Indicator and northern entrance to Hutt workshops. Looking towards Gracefield. (Feb 2001)

The straight from the Workshops northern entrance entrance to Parkside Road. Workshops on left.Two locos and several BR Mk2 cars can be seen. (Feb 2001)

Hulk next to boundary fence. (Feb 2001)

Rotten row. (Feb 2001)

Main road entrance to Hutt Workshops. Gracefield branch in foreground - left to right to Gracefield. Note BR Mk 2 cars. The Hutt Workshops passenger trains stopped on the left of the crossing. (Feb 2001)

Photographer has his back to the workshops road entrance. From left, a red English Electric EMU, a yellow (for the Johnsonville Line) EE EMU and a several 56 foot cars. All vehicles are derelict. (Feb 2001)


Hutt Park platform. Hutt Park Golf Course and raceway (latter not used) on the right. Looking towards Gracefield. (Feb 2001)

From Hutt Park platform looking towards the Workshops road entrance and Woburn. Note the BR Mk 2 cars. The lattice lighting tower has been converted to support cellphone antennae. (Feb 2001)

Concrete "9 car" sign on south end of Hutt Park platform. Similar to others on Hutt Valley stations for nine car English Electric EMU sets. Did a 9 car EMU ever run to this platform? (Feb 2001)

Points indicator at southern entrance to Workshops. (Feb 2001)

Switchlock at southern entrance to Workshops. Note the telephone shelter on its side. Since this photo was taken many of the shelters in the Woburn area have been removed.(Feb 2001)

Southern entrance to workshops. The Branch crosses the Waiwhetu Stream and the Parkside Road. Looking towards Gracefield. (Feb 2001)

Looking towards Gracefield. "All Trains Stop" was the site of a signal until recently. On the other side of Parkside Road there was a loop. On the left, just before the curve, is a stop sign for trains travelling to Woburn. It is the Woburn Station limits. (Feb 2001)

Wooden barrier control box on Parkside Road crossing. (Feb 2001)

2km peg looking towards Gracefield. The back of the up All Trains Stop Board (Woburn Station Limits) can be seen on the left of the track just before the right hand curve. All redundant track in this area has been removed. (11/3/01

Woburn Station Limits. Looking towards Woburn. The 2km peg can just be seen. Beyond the peg is the Parkside Road crossing and the Hutt Park platform. (11/3/01)

Looking towards Woburn. The Woburn Station limits sign can just be seen on the far side of the curve. (11/3/01)

The only siding remaining between the Workshops and the Gracefield yard. I do not know if it is in use. The Hutt park Road half-arm barriers can just be seen and beyond the croosing is the Gracefield Yard. (11/3/01)

The Branch crosses Hutt Park Road before entering the Gracefield yard. There was once a more complicated track layout here. Signal 8L is a relic of those times which is why it is so far from the track. (11/3/01)

Hutt Park Road. The Gracefield yard is behind the camera. Looking towards Woburn. Redundant track was lifted some years ago. (11/3/01)

On wall of yard building. (11/3/01)

Hutt Park Road. Gracefield Yard on the left. The second track was removed some years ago. (11/3/01)

Remains of two Roadrailers. These are on the formation of the siding which once served the Ford Motor Company building. When I checked in July 2001 the cage was empty. (11/3/01)

South end of Gracefield yard. Looking north towards Woburn. (11/3/01)

Looking across Seaview Road to the oil sidings. To the left of the white building is a small green blob which might be Somes Island - I will need to eyeball it to confirm it. The Gracefield yard is behind the camera. (11/3/01)

Barnes Street. At this point the sidings have turned 180 degrees and are heading north (left to right). I could find evidence of only three tracks, one of which was clearly out of use. Under Tranz Rail's new way of working (July 2001) these sidings will probably become redundant. Wellington Harbour and Newlands/Horokiwi Ridge in distance. (11/3/01)

Looking south across Barnes Street along one of the sidings. Near the Oil tanks the sidings make a 180 degree turn to the left, cross Seaview Road, and enter the south end of the Gracefield yard. (11/3/01)

Photographed from Barnes Street. (11/3/01)

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